Liquids on the plane: how to ship more than 100ml


How I can send liquid in the plane (gel and cream) if the container is 125ml?

Most containers are creams and gels 125ml or 150ml. What I can do to raise these liquids on the plane without me blow that put airport security control?

I tried the half-empty cans of 125ml , but have not yet passed me on the plane liquids. Is there a trick to get it without having to use another container?

Fluid restriction on the plane is 100 ml per container and most creams and gels come in packs of 125ml. Is it a coincidence? We could dedicate this post to conspire in it, but instead, We have chosen to give a solution to this. And we have found trick pass liquids on the plane when more boats come in 100 ml (whenever gel or cream).

This trick can only be home with no hard plastic containers containing gel or cream, because if it is liquid containing, you will end up scattered around in her purse (maybe that's the trick to bring liquids on the plane unrestricted, soaking liquid in the pad or diaper and emptying the contents on arrival!)

Get to the point: home trick to send containers of cream and gel in hand luggage aircraft is containers “enconger” of 125 ml of gel and cream containers to become 100 ml o menos .

what do you need:

  • Scissors, preferably acute. Serrated knife in his absence.
  • Telfon tape to seal the pipe or rubber (It is optional, because if the boat is not busy you may not need, but be careful that the contents can not spill).


1. Holding the bottle in question, preferably one of 125ml or 150ml or less and cut to 3/4 height , coming up next, removing a size room. You have to do it without breaking the fourth side intact.
2. then if the pot is too full, take some of its contents to avoid overflow and save to another container having smaller, wrap in plastic wrap or cellophane happen where.
If the package has already been used, You will not have to remove content.
3. Remove debris gel or cream left on the top of the package have already cut and put at the bottom, with the remaining contents.
4. Once this is done, snap back top overlay have previously cut.
5. Set the seal with Teflon tape or a rubber band to prevent spills.

In Tips and Tricks they have used this Trick to send liquids on the plane as hand luggage (gel and cream) repeatedly to step 125ml cans cream at the airport and once we have problems in controlling security
If you want to learn more tricks to make your hand luggage bag of cosmetics, recommended reading travel tickets Exchange. how to prepare


Here you can see pictures of the procedure to convert a vessel 125 ml one step 100ml


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