10 Tricks for booking the best apartment with Airbnb

10 trucos para reservar el mejor apartamento con Airbnb


A día de hoy Airbnb es el popular servicio de Internet para reservar apartamentos para tus vacaciones en cualquier lugar del mundo. If you do not know Airbnb truth is that I recommend and also, coming up next, I'll give 10 tricks so you know how to book the best apartment and do not miss the discount coupon at the end of Article Airbnb


Customize the most of your user profile on Airbnb

Airbnb is especially trust. Trust between the host (the person who puts your apartment for rent) and the host (you). So, it is essential that work on your user profile: adds photo, full name (and actual), what do you do, Where are you from. In the end, stuffed everything they ask and you will have real data and well more likely to get the apartment you are looking for.


Check your profile with a physical document

After completing your profile, highly recommended next step (I would say mandatory) It is to verify profile. How Airbnb profile verified? Well there are several ways, from linking social media accounts, to scan a physical document (e.g., driving license) and mail it. If your profile Airbnb is more chance you have verified that a host trust you and accept your reservation requests apartment.


Looking ahead

Airbnb there are apartments really are fine, but, They are always reserved. So, if you really want to get a good apartment Airbnb, seeking weeks or months in advance. Yes, Also look at the cancellation of the apartments, not going to be in the end lose money.

Search only apartments with many reviews

Hitherto, We have taken steps to create a profile, check, Search apartment ... but on the other hand we have the hosts. Not all hosts have why be trusted, so when you look for an apartment there are two golden rules:

  • The host must have a verified account
  • The apartment must have positive reviews from other guests

Distrusts Airbnb apartment without reviews or profiles hosts to strangers.


If booked directly use the button to book, but question first Host

Once you've found an apartment that interests you have two options: the reservation directly or not.

  • If the reservation is direct, means that once you hit the button to book, will ask for confirmation and the apartment is yours. From that time if you lie back, You have to deal with the cancellation.
  • If the reservation is not direct, It means that the host reviews applications and has to confirmártela. You will normally have a question or you will confirm it without further.

Go testing the hosts maximum

In the case of a direct booking NO, that is to say, if the host has to confirm reservations. I recommend that do not directly use the button to book. The reason is that if you use the button to book you have to wait for confirmation of the host and this may take (I remember) to 24 hours. Means, during that lapse of time you can not make another reservation as this may be the case that you should accept both and cancel one of the two reservations, which not interested.

What I recommend is:

search apartments that interest you and instead of using the reserve button, contact directly with the host, asking if the apartment is available.

This way, you can go groping several apartments and when you are sure that you are available and interested, already booked formalizas.

Prepare your letter

You do not need anything too formal, but when you get in touch with a host, Introduce, explains why you're traveling, do you need the apartment, How is the area, etc.

The important thing is to show interest and give as much information as possible about you and your stay. Take in account, the host is usually the one most to lose, so you need to trust you as a guest.

Do not trust NEVER to 100% photo Airbnb apartments

The real differentiator is the service Airbnb, or be available almost anywhere in the world, or prices, nor the search. The differentiator Airbnb are photos of his apartments.

In fact, They offer a professional service which will send a photographer to your apartment and makes you pictures (I think free). These pictures are displayed on the web as verified.

As well, if the photos are verified, You know that the apartment is pretty much like the pictures, but not equal to 100%. The photographers working for Airbnb (they are normal people who offer their services sporadically), They use some tricks to improve pictures of the apartments and generally, appear larger and brighter.

This does not mean that the apartment is not going to look anything, no. But just be aware that.

If photos are not verified apartment, then, My recommendation is that if you can not dismiss.


After your stay leaves a review

I just commented that the differentiator Airbnb are photos of apartments. Then the reviews are the most important element Airbnb. In the past, Or rather Airbnb, the hosts have struggled with why Airbnb guests had legal trouble.

From there, the system reviews both as guest apartment is critical to establish trust between people who offer "his house"And unknown visitors.

My recommendation is to always leave a review of the apartment you've visited and to ask the host to leave a review about you. This last point will so that in the future other hosts rely more on your profile and can access best apartments.

Airbnb discount coupon, How to get the best yet cheap apartment with Airbnb?

Nothing, I just saw that Airbnb has given me a € 22 discount coupon to share with my contacts. So I'm going to put the public on the web for anyone who wants to use it. Grace is that You can use this coupon Airbnb off as many times as you want and share it with whomever you want, provided that the requirements are met Airbnb putting and are summarized below





The requirement is that the user using the coupon must register on Airbnb and cost of the apartment must be at least 71 €. The bonus of € 24 will apply in that account to the next apartment. As theoretically, I can only share the discount coupon "personal friends", hide after a few days the link so many people do not use it. If you plan to use hurry!


So nothing, with the advice that I have given above and with this discount coupon bound to find the apartment you are looking for your next trip with Airbnb. Luck

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