How to get Cheap Flights with Skyscanner

Como conseguir vuelos baratos con skyscanner

Let's see how the platform Skyscanner to find the cheapest that I can.

After discovering several features that have been incorporated and that had gone unnoticed by me until now, as well as some "tricks" I've learned at this time, I decided to make this tutorial to tell how you can find yourself the cheapest flight anywhere in the world in which you find yourself.

It's not about luck but have to experiment a bit with different departure cities, Arrival, and of course, with the dates for the trip.

Now I notice in advance, that the key to fly very cheap is to be flexible. If you have an exact day and hour to travel the task is complicated.

On the contrary, no matter if you move to another nearby city to take the flight, delaying your trip a couple of days, or even a couple of months, the chances of finding a bargain grow exponentially.

Want to find out how? Let's do it.


What is Skyscanner?

I assume that almost half the world knows this platform. I started using it back in 2010 if I remember correctly, while still not as well known in the Spanish-speaking.

Even so, there is always someone who does not know the most popular websites.

Skyscanner is a flight search engine that compares more than 1.000 airlines in just a few seconds to give you the best deals sorted by price. It includes low cost or world famous Lowcost.

Also they devoted to the subject of cars and hotels, but that to me does not interest me (For now).

They carry over 10 years working and have offices spread through the world.

The best, a mi parecer, is that you can see very comprehensive comparative prices a month, or up to one year. Also when you find your flight, redirects you to the tour company or the relevant airline.

Shopping flight own web of supply, therefore do not pay management fees, Skyscanner te sale 100% free.

To top it off you have a story that price alert. So after you find a flight Create an alert. With this, you will receive an email when the price rises or falls.

Pinta well, ¿no?

Why Skyscanner and no other search engine?

I have described many of the benefits of this platform, here are all:

  • Price Alerts
  • Comparisons with annual and monthly charts
  • It includes companies Lowcost
  • Searching for flights around the country and not in a particular city if you want it so
  • Look flights anywhere
  • It tells you the cheapest month to fly all year
  • Do not pay management fees. It's completely free

The bad things?

The only complaint I can make is that sometimes change very fast flight prices. From one hour to another can vary greatly.

But this is often the case with almost all platforms. They have solved this paste with the price alert. What for, at least, you know when the company is modifying its prices.

It is difficult to bring out the worst in this search because it is very complete and further improvements are constantly taking.

Alternativas a Skyscanner

Always I use this search engine as first choice, once you found the flight that interests me, sometimes, trasteo other to check.

I must say the 95% of the time I find nothing better. The 5% remainder is due to specific offers, little more.

But here are other very powerful platforms:


How to find the cheapest flight step by step

As I mentioned earlier, flexibility in your search is the key. So you understand the entire manual step perfectly and be as didactic as possible I will write it with a concrete example.

It will be a game for you to see how prices change when you change the data.

All prices will write from now are deals on RETURN.

1. Search flight on the exact day and in specific countries that want

This is going to serve as a comparative, to know (more or less) how much we have saved our search as experts in this platform.

I want to go to Thailand in two months. Of the day 3 to the 24.

Best price from Granada to Bangkok = 1.208€.


2. Change country towns

Enter Spain and Thailand. Same time. Click on Bangkok because it is the cheapest city of arrival.


Click in Barcelona because it is the cheapest departure city.


Best flight: 765€.


3. Change the specific day for the entire month

Reintroduced Spain - Thailand but clicking on full month, to compare all the flights in August.


Click on the cheapest city destination. Bangkok.


Click on the cheapest departure city. Barcelona.


Here you will get a chart with daily prices. CLICO in the cheapest of the first week and the last. Best price = 760€


4. Changes the month that you want to cheaper

Click Change Search. Keep the cities with the best prices and DriverMonth Cheapest.


Now a table that can be changing every month to find the cheapest flight you appear. Go over every month to see which one has the best prices.

Of 29 June to 21 July = 484€.


Switch to tab Graphic and returns to give an overview of the months.

Of 21 September to 15 October = 475€


Sometimes instead of appearing with the corresponding bar price, on some days we get a magnifying glass. But if you're changing the days of departure and return you updated and see how they appear gradually.

If you are looking for several months after the day on which you are performing this searching may not be updated daily, so you'll have to click the days you want to give Show flights so you figure the price.

5. Final drive. Everything from 0

As if something has escaped me or be gone the ball seeker I always do a final search.

Enter the data: Countries (not cities) departure and destination. Cheaper month.

Surprise! Now she tells me the cheapest city is not Barcelona and Valencia.


However the check every month, the cheapest thing I find is the 2 to the 16 September by 477€. Almost the same price as from Barcelona.


6. Evaluate and purchase the flight

Como has visto, I've been seeing a flight to find other € 1,208 477 € (from Valencia) and 475 € (from Barcelona). I save € 731.

In my case, I'm from Granada, I get cheaper commute to Valencia to Barcelona. Imagine yours too.

Therefore, back to search engine and enter the towns and days that you have seen are the cheapest. Click on See Flight.


You will get a new tab that redirects you to the company that has offered the flight.


7. Every company that has its own method log in and payment process

Once you land on the corresponding web page in which you buy the flight the procurement process is the same in all but different tabs and colors. Little more.

I will continue with the real example that touched me. I turn to put on your skin.

It has taken a page

1. Click on No (to guarantee ticket).

I never put any cost on the fly, or insurance, seat selection or nothing. You do what you want.



3. During the purchase you will emerge different windows so you can start adding things to your purchase for increasing the price. As I mentioned before, I always say no to everything.


4. Choose payment method, You accept the terms and conditions and click on Go to the next step

5. Enter data card / PayPal / Bank you've selected above. Click onAnd, Payment confirmed

6. You will get a page saying that the payment has been completed successfully. Watch your inbox that should reach you an email with purchase details and flight.

7.Sometimes you send an email, which you have to re-accept to confirm the purchase and settle. It is now less common, but sometimes, pass.


Skyscanner step by step




1. Create an email price Skyscanner

If though you find the perfect flight, want to wait a little more to purchase if the price in the coming days, you can create an alert. Skyscanner will warn you when the flight price rises or falls.

They are completely free and you can unsubscribe alert so you will not bother mails anytime.


2. Do you get the same when and where you go?

  1. Go back to search Skyscanner
  2. Enter your country From and box A write "Any place". Choose also the most economical and give Search
  • Select the destination country. I want to go to Morocco, from Spain.
  • Choose city. Me voy a Fez
  • Click on the city from where you want to fly. Since Madrid is the cheapest and also, I caught quite close.
  • Look for better days
  • Buy flight. I leave the 25 August to 15 Fez September for 23 €.

What mola?

3. Drop your search history so you do not get caught cookies

Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer invisibly when you connect to a website to let it know you've been on your shelf and, thereby obtain, information about you.

Thanks to them Ebay recognizes that your currency is the € or Youtube that your language is Spanish.

Surely you've ever searched for a flight. The next day you go back to look and ... Surprise, it has risen in price!

Well of course, what did you expect! We have seen the duster when you have searched for a flight and you have not bought it. They'll raise the price when you come back because they know you'll come back to buy.

How do I fix?

You have two ways:

1. Buy the first flight.

It is the easiest choice for me. Flight directly paying the first time you enter the landing page to which you redirect Skyscanner will not give rise to the company to jump on the price.

If you are not going to buy the flight has not yet come into the platform page you will sell flight. Stay finder web every day that you want until you make the decision.

When you decide to take the plunge, purchase it first.

2. Clean your cookies, your history and restarts the router.

This link You can see how clean the cookies on your computer.

To clean your history:

The only thing you have left is to power cycle the router. What for? Because with this you change your IP.

With all this will be impossible for companies to get caught like a rookie.

4. Search coupons

When you are making the purchase process, you will see on some airlines that give you the option to enter discount coupons.

E.g., Vueling page, you can see here:

Well too bad because you can save a few euros on every flight. How?

You can find a lot of different platforms coupons. Click on one of them, enter your mail and send you the discount code.

With this coupon you get 20 € in Vueling, 17Or in Rumbo € to 50 € in eDreams (if flight + hotel).


5. Subscribe to their newsletters

All companies and many search engines have weekly newsletter or bulletin in which, sometimes, take last minutes. Real bargains.

They also come good because you learn new flight connections or important changes in the rules of baggage, among other things.

If you like flying it is a good way to keep you updated as the last.

6. Fly to other intermediate cities

The latest hack is to make intermediate stops if you do very long flights.

Continuing the example in this article, flying to Thailand you can fly first to Istanbul, or to Dubai, a few days (It depends on when you find the cheapest flight) and retake the flight to your final destination.

I know people who have done it and it worked. But nevertheless to me I do not like this method because I prefer to travel slower and free, without having to be aware of what time the plane got to finish my trip.

I would take a flight Round-ready. When I get tired because I'll see how I come back.

But I know that most people buy directly roundtrip flights, so I made this tutorial.

Whatever it is that you do I hope you have served and you get to find the perfect flight (And as economical as possible!!!).

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