How to go from Trieste to Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Cómo ir de Trieste a Ljubljana (Eslovenia)

How I can get from Trieste to Ljubljana Bus, train or cheap transportation?

I bought a Ryanair flight with destination Trieste (Airport Ronchi) because the flight to the capital of Slovenia was very expensive, and now they do not know how to travel to Trieste to Ljubljana.

I wonder if there is a service Trieste airport shuttle Ljubljana oy what no other means of transport; Prices and terms thereof.

To go from the airport in Trieste ( Friuli Venezia Giulia Aeropuerto aka Ronchi Aeropuerto ) a Ljubljana (Ljubljana in Castilian) you can use and combine several modes of transport. So you can go from Trieste to Ljubljana Bus, train, shared taxi or car sharing . Here they are the different Options to get along with schedules and prices at our disposal:


Option 1. Trieste airport (Ronchi) – Trieste – Ljubljana:

Trieste Airport Bus (Ronchi) Trieste.

Only one bus transfer makes Ronchi (Trieste Airport) Trieste and runs every half hour or so. The trip takes about 1 time
Price :. € 3,80 each direction
You can check the bus schedule to Trieste Ronchi FVG airport here.


Bus de Trieste a Ljubljana.

There are two bus companies that offer Sad-Ljubljana route in both directions: Veolia and Florentiabus. The bus leaves at 14pm destination Ljubljana Monday through Friday, stopping in several cities, incluyendo Sezana of Postojna; and in 18:20 Everyday. The trip takes approximately 2 hours and the price is unknown.
You can see the bus schedule from Trieste to Ljubljana here.

tren de Trieste a Ljubljana.

You can also go by train, but it is more complicated and time as you do 2 the 3 transfers and lasts 5:35 am 4.40hy. We know the price. More information.

Option 2. Trieste airport (Ronchi) – Ljubljana:

Shared Taxi (GoOpti).

GoOpti service is a low cost transfers connect various cities and airports in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Germany. It is the service most used by the Slovenian people, as it is the fastest option and its price is more than reasonable. It is something like a shared taxi from up to 8 people who need to get from one place to another or intermediate points between those places.

The trip takes about 1h30min, and the price to go to Trieste Trieste or Ljubljana Airport Ljubljana Airport can go from 10 € a 25 € according to early to buy, because the first booking their place are those who enjoy cheaper prices. For more information and views on the operation of Goopti, click on GoOpti: performance, reviews and articles. In our opinion, this is a Very good choice for business trips .

Shared car (,,

There are several websites that are dedicated to bringing people traveling with their car from one city to another with people who need to travel from one city to another without car. These websites, you can find people who will do it yourself route to share car and travel trade is generated.

In Bla GoCarShare drivers and charge a fee to cover the costs of fuel and tolls. E.g., to go from Trieste to Ljubljana with Car Sharing, We have seen prices ranging from € 5 a € 7; But this service is hitchhikers free . Find someone who will make the trip from Trieste to Ljubljana day and approximate time of arrival at the airport can be difficult; But to show that it is not!

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