Rent a car in Italy and return in Croatia

Alquilar coche en Italia y devolverlo en Croacia

Can I rent a car in Italy and returned to Croatia?

This holiday Croatia will disappear. I want to rent one there, and to avoid having to go back and forth at the same place and spare km; I want catch the return flight to Treviso or Trieste and return from Dubrovnik or Split so I'll Car hire in Italy and returned to Croatia . The problem is that a rental car in Italy have told me they can not return in Croatia and, depending on the company making, you may have trouble moving to Croatia. Is there any alternative to rent a car in Italy and returned to Croatia ?

you are planning Car hire in Italy to tour the Balkans (perhaps Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia), sure I found several problems:

If you rent the car in Italy there are travel restrictions in the Balkans.

According to the company you choose, You can use the known problems when the green card required for traveling in the Balkans . Further, If you take a rental car in Italy franchise insurance or cover any mishap that could have on Bosnia and to reach Dubrovnik, e.g., there is a section where it passes through the territory of Bosnia *.

You can not take a rental car in Italy and returned to Croatia, and vice versa.

If you are going to Trieste or Treviso and back to Split or Dubrovnik, you will not be able to travel by rental car Croatia.

Car hire in Italy is quite expensive.

But nevertheless, There are several alternatives to rent a car in Italy and returned to Croatia to make your trip remains a bargain:

Option 1. Fly to Trieste, crossing to Croatia by public transport and rent a car there.

Advantage: to be the same country, surely you can leave the car elsewhere in Croatia with a lower cost if you do it from another Balkan country [. 1999004]

Drawbacks: even rent a car in Croatia can be a bit cheaper than in Italy, still more expensive than renting a car in Slovenia


Option 2. Fly to Italy, crossing Ljubljana, Slovenia on public transport and rent the car there.

Advantage: rent a car Ljubljana is much cheaper to do it in Trieste airport or any city of the Istrian peninsula, in Croatia. In fact, in general terms; rent a car in Ljubljana, Slovenia, it is cheaper to do in Croatia . We put our case for example, rent a car 13 days to return to Trieste costs € 390, while he is doing so in Ljubljana, we exited 190 €. that is to say, I am having € 200 difference between renting a car in Slovenia and do in Italy. Further, to be a part of the Balkans You are permitted to rent a car in Slovenia and Croatia return , but also they have to pay more for it. The trips are achieved investigating bargain!

Drawbacks: Slovenia needs to scroll buy Vignette o Vignette . As usuall, in the car rental companies charge 3 € per day by way of Vignette, to 36 € less; so if you rent the car in Slovenia, even if you're going to make the most of your trip to Croatia, the’ll pagan por igual.

Tips for car rental to tour . Conclusion

Given the following:

The price of flights to Croatia compared with the price of flights to Trieste is much more expensive and difficult to get this trip I bargain with major drawback.

In buying a round-trip flight separately you have to pay double fees and charges on the purchase of a round-trip flight to the same destination. Especially if you fly with Ryanair and Vueling.

To pick up the car in one city and return it in another city or a different country have to pay a fine.

The conclusióin is that cheaper is to buy a roundtrip flight to Trieste, rent and return the car in Ljubljana and Trieste trips to Ljubljana and Ljubljana to Trieste on public transport. Even with the bullet and pay the extra gas, you probably will be cheaper and you know that a country that is in a couple of days and it's beautiful.


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How I can go from Trieste to Ljubljana public transport?

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