Here you can find everything you need for a trip, son todos los recursos que yo utilizo en mis viajes y en este blog. I have compiled all the tools according to the questions I have been making readers.

Ire actualizándola cada vez que descubra algo nuevo o cuando me vayan llegando nuevas dudas de diferentes personas que se repitan una y otra vez.


How to make a travel blog?

If you only want to have a travel log or not you make money doing it thinking, do not ever spend a euro on these tools.

Tools I use in this blog:


What use platform to find cheaper travel?


It is a flight search comparator having a mind to turn to other platforms. This platform seeks with all airlines to find the best deal, even at low cost or lowcost. You can find flights for a specific date for a specific week, a graphical view prices for a month and even choose as "the month cheaper" option.

One thing I love about Skyscanner It is that you can put in the search box city from where you want to fly and destination choose "anywhere in the world". This option gives you the cheapest deals from the airport of your choice. ¿Great no?


This is one of the most important online travel brands in the world and a place that I always check for flights. The best is the tab "deals of the day" or "mega deals" in which you can find real bargains.


In the tabs "Flight" and "Last minute" you can find the best deals every day. If you do not care much if the destination not only fly to where this platform is a good choice. Sometimes you find great things, other, nothing.




Where to find cheap accommodation?


A good alternative accommodation. With this platform you can stay in the homes of people who rent personally. Good thing you have all the amenities of home and for a lower price than if you went to a hotel. If you use this service you gift this link 22 euros for you to use on your trip.


To search hostels anywhere in the world. I like it because no booking fee.


Idem as above.


Best to find hostels in Asia. If you are traveling to the continent, this is the reference.


The best for last minutes. You will not know which hotel you stay until the last moment, just tell you "there is an offer of such hotel in Las Vegas for this price and this quality".


What I buy travel insurance?

World Nomads

On their website you can find a lot of information with an active community of questions and answers (in English). The quality / price is excellent and their insurance also collaborate with projects such as Save the Children, Oxfam Intermón o Water Aid.

The best technology for travel


  • MacBookAir11 ": To travel as light as possible (1,08kg) and with a notebook that goes well (especially for bloggers).
  • MacBookAir13 ": This is the best if you like photography or design something and need a faster computer. (1,35Kg).

The new MacBook12 "does not have very good reviews. Since I switched to Apple I'm super happy. They are more expensive but worth it for me.

Mobile / Cell

  • Xiaomi MI3: it is cool, It is what I currently use The camera is great for travel.
  • iPhone6: I will soon make the jump to this to have everything grouped with Apple and as the camera is not good, si no brutal.

Photo camera

  • Nikon D7100: If you are semi professional and yet you like SLR.
  • Panasonic Lx-100: If you've decided to make the leap to the new technology Evil or Mirrorless. (Like me!)
  • Canon EOS M: Si te va Canon, This Evil is great for quality / price.


What is the best travel guide?

Lonely Planet: These guides are world known and used by travelers. I like his organization and emphasis on budget travel. They redesigned all in 2011 and now they are better organized, more photos and best maps.

I advise you to buy in Kindle version. Still you not have a Kindle? Buy it here, for me is the best companion for a solo trip. You can take hundreds of books and travel guides in one device.


How do I prepare and how I plan a trip?

  • A Grand Tour: For me this is the reference book to learn all you have to prepare before a big trip: Initial planning, how much will the trip cost, money management, luggage, transport, security, documents and to talk about what happens on the return trip.
  • Economy is what you: This book speaks of travel, sightseeing, but to do otherwise. It proposes new ways to tour the world (or your own town) and thus make the trip in a game, in which randomness and unpredictability are ever present.
  • My Maps: Application of Google to create your own map. Very useful for creating your travels around the world.
  • and CityMaps2go: Free applications for your mobile phone. Download any map and use it without Internet connection.


Discount codes

Catch in MasCupon: A mix of all. Flight discounts, hotels, spas, monuments, theme parks, car rentals, cruises and etc..

Sierra Nevada: Skiing in Granada is not cheap. But if you really love this sport and you are in my city, here we have the highest mountains of the peninsula and with better temperatures. As this is a very interesting option.


What platform I keep my photos and documents for not losing?

Dropbox: 2 GB of free storage in the cloud, more 500Mb each time you invite a friend to install dropbox (up to 16GB). For me it is the best place to store my photos on trips so they are safe, backing up the blog and have the documents scanned and always available.


What bank I put my money so that I do not charge commissions abroad?

EVO Smart Account: No maintenance fees or cancellation fees. A partir de 3.000 euros will generate dividends. But the best is: You can withdraw money anywhere in the world, no commission! Further, free debit and credit each year. You must have submit monthly payroll or income.

Young EVO Account: Same benefits as above but without the credit card charge and limiting withdraw money anywhere in the world 2 times per month. You have to be between 18 and 28 years old.


I have fear of traveling alone. What do I do?

Viajeras: Travel to that country is not dangerous? If I'm alone I'm more vulnerable? What took me, the briefcase backpack? Can I get if I need buffers? Is it safe to use social networks accommodation? And hitchhiking? You go a few days or several weeks vacation to a distant destination, sure you have emerged these and many other questions. This manual responds and, with its dozens of tips, tricks and ideas, will serve as a guide to prepare your travels and adventures and you will be excited to travel anywhere in the world with confidence.

The first part of the book will help you choose your destination, decide whether to go alone or accompanied and, among other things, to choose the ideal luggage or good insurance. The second resolve your concerns on the day of travel: Accommodations, security, bless you, hygiene, how not to feel alone or to save, among others. Finally, in the third part we talk about specific destinations so you know what you'll find when visiting each of the countries or areas of the planet.

This is a book written by experienced traveling to women whose dream is to travel and have not dared to do it; or for those who do, but they do not dare to go alone, with or without male company independently.

Travel days: The 28 January 2008, twenty-two, Aniko a bus from Buenos Aires to Bolivia took and gave his life started traveling. From that day, He toured more than thirty countries on four continents, knapsack and single, working freelance writer and photographer on the road.

Aniko tells about the day that five Chinese women of an ethnic minority was invited to tea, the day we sailed to the Caribbean amid a thunderstorm, who lived on the most bizarre police of his life, the day I started collecting cards abandoned, the day he saw the aurora borealis, the day I went road trip with a group of Filipino priests, the day after he suffered depression trip, the day I fell in love with a city, the day she met the company Sahara nomads, the day we found that travel was not the same as going on vacation, the day he realized that he had become a digital nomad ...


What book do you recommend for me to take on the trip?


Top 10 Travel books

  1. Into the Wild
  2. The Alchemist
  3. Travel days
  4. No return ticket
  5. Wandering in the axis of evil
  6. Around the world 80 days
  7. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  8. Treasure Island
  9. 7 Years in Tibet
  10. Towards southern land

If you want to be a free person here's a list of 10 best books on financial freedom that will change your view of the world and improve your financial situation:

  1. Living without head
  2. The code of money
  3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  4. The cash flow quadrant
  5. The work week 4 hours
  6. The formula for success
  7. Living with abundance
  8. Think and Grow Rich
  9. The richest man in Babylon
  10. El método Lean Start up

To 10 books on spirituality

  1. A Course in Miracles
  2. The Power of Now
  3. God
  4. We were born to succeed
  5. Many lives, many teachers
  6. Biodescodificación
  7. The knight in the rusty armor
  8. The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success
  9. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
  10. What happens when you let go

Tell me what movies do you recommend traveling to inspire and motivate



DSLR Cameras (SLR)

There is no perfect camera or better, each one is better suited to certain people and contexts. Similar models of different brands always have pros and cons.

Theirs would be a set of cameras and comprehensive goals to choose the best suited to our particular situation. Not the same go backpacking trip, to do a photo shoot with a model in a photo studio, or go out to photograph birds that do Street Photography. But for those who do not have too many resources and we have to settle for something more off-road:

Olympus E-450: I have since the beginning of 2011, It has survived storms, Gales beaches, falls, forgetfulness, etc. For quality / price is is fine. Definitely, the best it has is its weight, 380 grams, being the lightest camera market Four Thirds. A mi, for travel has been superbly me. And me, well I have special affection you, as it has been my first SLR and was a very special gift. All the photos that I have in my gallery are made with this camera.

– Nikon D3200: A good traveler chamber and weighing about half a kilo. Suitable for beginners and intermediate users. It also has video in Full HP 1080, my Olympus does not have this option. Ni a 1080 or go to NA. The can be obtained by less than 350 euros and new,aprecious.

Canon 600D: Similar to the previous model, algo mas way.

Nikon 7100: Which will be My next purchase. I have it in the spotlight for some time, but the money in the end I was on the other side. In this 2015 Fixed falls, so I'll tell. It is not classified as professional, but I do not know what it will take to, it reaches the 1000 euros will be.

Canon 70D: The homonymous with the Nikon 7100 but the brand rival. If you focus solely on photography, Nikon's your choice. If you take out party to this video, Canon certainly. If you mix the two, because it's a matter of comparing your priorities and your budget. I focus more on photography and I'm regular budget, so I'll stick with the Nikon.


Mirrorless Cameras

They are a fairly young modality that are taking much. At the time of use on our trip, They are a serious competitor to traditional DSLR.

The main advantage is: the weight. Again the same, I'm a heavy but believe me if you make a long trip on a budget, 200 grams are noticed much, I do not say and half kilo.

The main disadvantage is the lack of objectives when compared to the SLR. Nor we have the grip we had with the largest bodies of DSLR, or the viewer that allows us to focus more on the image.

Olympus has put a lot of batteries and has focused on this market. Only here I will name three of this brand because they are the only ones I've seen in action and I can review them.

Olympus PEN E-PL5: Much like my E-450 in terms of objectives. A little lighter, 325 grams.

Olympus OM-D E-M10: If you want something more serious and professional. 400 gramitos anything on your back.

Olympus OM-D E-M1: If you want petar this is a mirrorless camera. Now if, must be paid. Middle Kilo.

Talking to different travelers for photography enthusiasts have recommended me:

Panasonic Lumix LX100

Canon EOS M



Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links. That means if you decide to buy the product'll take me a commission no additional cost to you. I recommend these tools and not others because they are the ones I use. Do not spend money on anything from this list unless you really need and know that it will help you achieve your goals.

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