Travel only with hand luggage: 12 Tricks

Viajar sólo con equipaje de mano: 12 trucos


What I can do to travel with hand luggage only?

always try to get bargain travel, so I'll buy a lowcost flight with Ryanair, Vueling and Easyjet; and check the luggage to save me I know some tricks that let me get everything you need in a suitcase of 56x42x22 and power as well travel only with hand luggage to get cheaper .

To answer this question, resume supply input hand luggage 12 tricks to fit all , already he took the first 6 games do (Do not Waste!). So, Now we will show the following 6 Tricks to travel with hand luggage only. And apply, You can maximize luggage space avoiding having to check and make a bargain travel:


Carrying microfiber towels and sarongs.

“How I will travel only with hand luggage only if the towel now occupies half?” If you want to avoid the towel fills most of your hand luggage, grab a microfiber travel light. Microfiber towels not only they occupy less than half of current towels, but also much faster dry .
To the beach, if you want to buy other microfiber towel you can opt for a sarong They occupy little and may have more uses:

Choose a small vanity.

Often, Vanity is what most occupies in hand luggage (especially for women). If you want to avoid busting, grab a vanity of a size that can fit in your hand luggage without taking up much space, and stick to get only what fits in it . Try to minimize the most of your content, from the essentials and then doing something else if it fits.

If you want to know more tricks to optimize your travel kit , We recommend reading travel bag for tickets: how to prepare


Choose a reading according to the size of your holiday.

If you plan to take a reading book, opt for a small that can be read in full by the time you're on vacation, and also it takes up less than the slab you have in the nightstand for months. Further, sign this trick travel walk: to pass control of hand luggage before boarding, carried by hand normally they do not usually say anything because you understand that you get the bag of books to read on the plane.

Do not take the travel guide.

“But what you say is that we are crazy?! I bought it then?!”. Quiet, is not that. The trick is that instead of taking the guide, go to photocopied pages of areas have planned to visit , so you can pull the leaves as insurance and has used a little more space You do not have to check around to buy some souvenirs. “Aaaaah, worth it, I then shut up.”


what made you think is missing and what it does not lack the time before.

This trick is useful for your business journey by not having to check: think about what you threw things, but the last time traveling and the things he had even taken out of the suitcase. You may need a sleep mask if light, an inflatable mattress, a front or a raincoat; and you may be able to dispense with some of the clothes to go, makeup and cleaning products, hair straightener and high heels. Do not forget that when you go on holiday, especially if you travel with hand luggage only must precede comfort to beauty .

Wear as bulky.

On flight day dress clothes, shoes and accessories Bulge and weigh; plus a jacket and sweater, even hanging from his hand, in whose pockets they can also put some of your valuables (camera, phone, etc.)

Do you know any trick to pack the luggage that we skipped? Make a contribution in the comments: -)

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