Finding cheap flights

Como encontrar vuelos baratos

Let's see how to find cheap flights


Finding cheap flights is not only to get the first flight search network, enter a date and make a reservation. If we really want to save money on our future flights, you have to start from scratch. There are a number of principles that should try to meet whenever you go to fly. The more of them sconces, the easier it is for you to become the person who paid less for his ticket. Let each of them in detail:

1 – Flexibility is power

The more flexible you are with your trip, more likely you are to find real bargains when flying. As simple as that. If your daily life and keep you from your work be flexible with the dates of your flight, less bargaining power (so let's call) when you will make your next booking tickets. There are numerous open discussions about what is the best day of the week for flights. There are people who claim that Tuesday is the cheapest day, other Wednesday. But the truth is that neither the companies themselves know this information, since everything is based on the play of supply and demand and depends on a large number of factors. What is clear is that flying midweek, a rule, it will be cheaper than if you do it on a Friday afternoon, when everyone has finished their workday. The same applies to the time of year you plan to travel. A study by Skyscanner It brought to light that the most expensive to fly month is August, time when most people take their vacations. This data is not too difficult to deduce, because the airlines are not stupid and they know that at this time people are willing to pay a higher price for flying. If demand is high, What need is there of prices down? So, whenever you can afford it, try to avoid holiday periods (Semana Santa, Christmas or summer) Now you tell me: "But , And when I fly if not when I have vacation "?


Obviously you'll have to pay the corresponding plus the high season, Nevertheless, following a series of guidelines that extra avoid tripping. You may not find a bargain, but doing things right you'll also save a good peak.

2 – With or without destination?

That is the question One of the decisions that need to take before you start planning your next trip, It is if you really have a clear destination you travel or if, Unlike, accounts with a broader range of possibilities. Having a specific target or not is a very important factor to consider, because the price difference can be brutal. You may have 100% assumed that your next destination is Venice, whatever happens. But nevertheless, you should be aware that, your date and time limitations to fly, add the destination must factor. So the price of flying into this city depend, among other things, of the demand at that time. If instead you have more flexibility with the destination to which you travel or just worried about finding the lowest fare, regardless of destination, There are tools that allow you to know where it is cheaper to fly given your circumstances. For such situations, always start flights finder, a mi parecer, provides traveler all you need to do a quick analysis of how are the flights: SkyScanner. If you want to delve more on how you can take full advantage of this search, I recommend you take a look at the comprehensive guide of Skyscanner who recently wrote my friend Antonio, Traveling Intelligence Blog. Thanks to the possibilities offered by this company, I found real bargains, as for example, which I found to my cousin a while. My cousin asked me to help you find a cheap flight to give it to her sister for her birthday. Fate gave him a little like. But nevertheless, not everything was so simple, since the work prevented my cousin being too flexible with flight dates. The departure had to be a Friday afternoon, from Malaga, and return on Monday morning, also Malaga. ¡Ah! and the option to spend the night at the airport was out.

Obviously these limitations diminished the chances of finding a bargain. But even so, in just under half an hour I found a flight to Geneva 60 euros return and, to top, met each of the requirements. If, however, my cousin had been clear that he wanted to travel Paris, almost certainly I would not have found a flight for that price and would have been forced to pay as much as the company dictated. So, before you start planning your trip, It decides the importance that has in your holiday destination. Plantéatelo as did the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne: "Our destination is never a place, but a new way of looking at things, "Michel de Montaigne


3 – Light travels

Excess baggage could affect verte required to pay a higher price for your flight. Many companies, especially low cost, not include the turnover of the suitcase in the fare, so you'll have to pay the fee if you decide to check your luggage. Companies such as Ryanair have different rates for checking in luggage, They are leaving from 15 to 75 euros, depending on the size of your suitcase or backpack, the season in which the type of trip or route that takes place. Travel without checked baggage, in addition to cost savings, It will save you unnecessary loss of time, as they may arise during the wait at the baggage claim area or standing in line at the counter when I Check-In. And to say if by chance the airline misplace your luggage. To avoid such incidents, it is advisable to always travel with hand luggage. Traveling with the least is another learned art as more trips you take in your passport stamped. Believe it or not, luggage you'll need to travel for a week is the same as you will require to keep traveling for two months. You do not need a piece of clothing for each day. When you spend some time traveling you realize that it is preferable to reduce your luggage provided work to relieve your back. In every city there are laundries where for very little you can have all your clothes clean in less than a rooster crows. But, You can also go hand washing your clothes every day, and always you have a clean change available.

Turning to billing, My suggestion is that you do with a backpack of no more than 50 l. These types of backpacks are ideal for traveling, as they have plenty of room to get everything you need and perfectly molded to gauge baggage. I renewed my bag myself a few weeks ago. Which I was too big before and, although it was quite comfortable and practical, He had the disadvantage of not being able to take as hand luggage on my flights. Do not waste money or punish your body with more weight than necessary and learn to travel light. In the long run you'll thank. "He who would travel happily, You must travel light "Antoine de Saint-Exupery

4 – Be clear about how much you want to pay

Did you know that the 73% of Spaniards do not book their flight at the optimum time and end up paying more than necessary? The company Skyscanner revealed this fact after analyzing million bought flights during the last three years. All happens to us to follow the evolution of prices for a given path that we do not know for sure what will happen with the flight. You will rise in price? Get down to? You are remain stable a few days to confirm the trip? The truth is we may never know with complete safety. However the problem is not knowing whether to raise or lower the price. The key is to figure out how much we are willing to pay for the flight rather than how much it costs us hope. If we have no idea what the optimal price for a given route, difficult to know if the price they offer is good or bad. For that, the ideal is to perform a quick analysis that allows us to know the average price level for a given air route. Skyscanner It allows us to select longer time periods and offers a generic view prices every day for selected time interval.  Once you know the cost of the route usually interested, you'll be ready to judge if the price offered is high or low. It is also important to know when usually the best times to buy your flight. Although power is not know for sure, yes there are a number of unwritten rules on this topic:


If you fly from Europe, the recommendation is to buy your ticket from one to two months before departure.  If it is a flight Transocean, the rule is said that the ideal time is between four or five months before departure.  With three weeks to departure, prices tend to rise. People tend to book at short notice usually travel for business, so companies know they will be willing to pay whatever price is necessary as long as the flight.  In some defendants routes, it may be interesting to wait until the last moment. The cost per passenger that means the company is lower if all seats are covered. The crux of the question is to find the balance point. You book a flight with a year in advance does not mean you will get the best price. The same applies if you wait until the last week. The key to saving on your next flight is to find out how much you're willing to pay for it.

5 – You can not have it all

As the popular saying says: "Teta and soup not fit in the mouth" If your priority is to be the person who paid for his flight least, you must give up a number of amenities that are usually indirectly included in the fare, having to:  Spending night at the airport for your flight leaves at 6 in the morning.  Amoldarte the narrow seats of the low-cost airlines.  Travel without checked baggage.  Bring your own snack to avoid paying 7 euros por un mini sandwich. OK several possible flights with stops.  Having to fly to secondary airports farthest city. If all these things are a real problem for you, then you have no right to complain about paying a higher price than your friend, who had to spend 12 hour layover at the airport. Like everything in this life, it is time to analyze the relationship / price / amenities and see how much we are willing to give so pay less.

Yes, beware of cost savings that may well be stupid. There is no point saving 15 euros on a flight just to fly to a secondary airport if then you have to pay 17 Bus euros and losing two hours to navigate the city.


6 – Fly intelligently

As I mentioned at the beginning of the book, not everything is reduced to entering the first search engine to find in Google, enter a date and a destination and make a reservation. I know dozens of experiences of friends and acquaintances who have got a bargain by stopping a few hours to think. Such was the case of my friend Berni. Berni was finishing his trip to Southeast Asia after several months of adventure. Its ultimate destination was Vietnam, so he decided to return to Spain from the airport in Ho Chi Minh. His bitter surprise was to see that the flights were around 700 euros, an amount, obviously, he moved away from its budget. Unable to afford to pay such exorbitant amount for a one-way flight, He decided to take a look at the connections with other European cities. Thus he was found a flight to Frankfurt by 250 euros from Kuala Lumpur. Flights to Europe from Vietnam kept coming more expensive, so he decided to take a flight with a low cost company by 40 Kuala Lumpur euros hasta (just over an hour and a half flight from Vietnam) and take advantage of the offer 250 euros departing from the airport in the Malaysian capital. From Frankfurt, two days later arrival, It took a new flight, this time with the low cost carrier Ryanair, to Alicante, its final destination, for about 70 euros. The equation was still profitable:  Vuelo Ho Chi Minh City - Kuala Lumpur 40  euros Flight Kuala Lumpur - Frankfurt = 250  euros Flights Frankfurt - Alicante = 70 euros Total Cost: 360 euros A lot better than the 700 Initial euros, no? Thanks to his persistence and flexibility, Berni managed to save 340 euros. Which he invested money to spend two days visiting Frankfurt, a city that then unknown, avoiding giving savings recent trip to the initial carrier. Berni's case is an example of hundreds. The key is to know the tricks that can save you big money when flying. Keep reading!




Finding the best flight for our next trip can become a daunting task if we are not very familiar with the subject. Out there are tens of seekers flights, Online travel agencies, comparators and airlines. Too many to have to manually compare among them. I want this step by step guide will become your perfect companion during the whole process of finding and booking your flight. A manual that you avoid wasting too much time searching through the myriad of network. The guide is especially focused on the process of finding and booking your flight as long as you know the final destination you want to go. In case the destination not mind too, You have to wait to get to the next chapter of the book. Good, I will not keep you any longer, It's time to get down to work.


1 – Analyzes the characteristics of your flight.

The first step to perform is focused on knowing well the type of flight you want to take. The better you know the characteristics of your future flight, the easier it will be to move along any process.


With this in mind, You should start by answering the following questions before you start your search.  When traveling?  What is your flight availability?  How many days you plan to fly?  Have you no matter fly at night or first thing in the morning? Answering these questions will allow rule, later, those flights that do not fit your needs. It often happens that, due to lack of information about our trip, we come to doubt more than necessary between whether to buy flight, making us lose some time. Grab a notebook or open your notebook and start writing down all these details. On paper everything seems easier! 1. How do you travel?  Do you travel with only hand luggage or suitcase need to bill?  Do you have any specific needs you should notify the airline? Write down everything you think might be necessary later. If for example you need to check a suitcase, it is important to have this in mind when choosing the type of airline you'll fly. Low cost airlines generally do not include baggage check, so you probably have to pay a surcharge on the final price. 2. Where do you travel? As I mentioned, This guide is focused on finding the best flight provided that you know the final destination to which you go. So that, It is important to know the country and the city to which you are traveling, as well as secondary cities you can fly if the price difference worth. Later I will tell you how you can locate the main cities they fly within a country quickly and easily. 3. Where do you travel?  Are there several airports in your city?  What they are?  Does the departure city is fixed? You have flexibility to take flight from a different city than yours? Flexibility is one of the basic principles that should always be kept in mind when looking at economic flights. The more open to new alternatives're, more likely you are to find the best deals.

4. What is your budget? Within your overall travel budget, How much you're willing to pay for your flight? The money we spend to transport, with accommodation, They represent the two biggest expenses of any trip caliber. It is very important to know which is the top you can afford. Practical example To make it more simple and practical this guide, in each of its sections I will put real examples of a flight on which I myself am interested. These are the characteristics of my trip to be considered during the search for the best flight: "I would like to travel 5 days to Liege (Belgium) to visit a good friend of mine. In August we are in the high season, so I decided to fly in September. In the office I have been given three days off, so I will take my days off during the weekend to unite with the three I took vacation days at work. Yes, Sunday I need to be back on Monday because I have to go to work. Flight with my backpack 50 liter, therefore, I do not need to bill. The capital of Belgium, Brussels, It is 97 kilometers from Liege and has two airports: Charleroi and Brussels Zaventem. Liege has its own airport, but my friend told me directly what skip, as this is too small and connections with Spain are not too good. My budget for the ticket is 100 euros. You might pay a little more, although it should give up other expenses of my trip. I would fly from Granada, although I would not mind having to move to Malaga or Madrid if the price is worth it. "Although it may be irrelevant, all these details about my possible flight I will greatly facilitate the work of search. However, it's time to start looking for the flight.

2 – Check the average ticket price

If you truly want to make sure you buy your flight at a good price and avoid being who's paid for your ticket, It is important to know the average price of your flight. Otherwise you will not be able to tell if you're paying over the odds and know what is the ideal time to start the reservation.

For this data, There is a simple way to do that just take a couple of minutes. I always start from Skyscanner, although there are other search engines that offer the same possibilities, como Momondo. In this case, We begin investigating Skyscanner. Enter the website and follow the steps: Set as starting point and destination country, rather than the city. State case, introduce Spain - Belgium.  Choose the month you're looking fly. In my situation it would be in September. The search engine also gives you the option of displaying the cheapest month should have full flexibility of travel.  Do not forget to select 'Round Trip' option and indicate the number of passengers. The screen should look something like this: (You can zoom into the images by typing CONTROL + Mouse Wheel) Clicking search, the first thing we find are the cities of Belgium to which we fly with the lowest available price: It seems that it is clear that fly to Brussels, so we proceed. In the next section we find the Spanish cities available for flight to Brussels. Let's see what options we have: Apparently, the cheapest flights depart from northern Spain. In fact, Granada is not among the top.


These would be the various options and their respective prices:  Fly from Granada = 185  euros round trip from Malaga Fly = 97  euros return Fly from Seville = 66  euros return Fly from Madrid = 50 euros return. My rough estimate is 100 euros for my ticket, so Granada is automatically discarded. The cost of transport and Granada Granada-Sevilla-Madrid is quite similar, so we'll start by analyzing the prices of the Spanish capital. Let's see how is the thing: In this graph we can study the difference in current prices for September, for both the outward and return. The average price of a round trip ticket round 50-60 euros, therefore, This is value that we must consider when tracking our flight.


3 – Rate your days available to fly

Once we know the average cost of flight (between 50 and 60 euros), It's time to try to adjust our dates available to the current offer. In my case, traveling 5 days and having to return Sunday, a very interesting offer is available: Departing Wednesday 23 September and returning on Sunday 27, The fly, for the time being, cost 53 euros. Brilliant!


4 – Compare your flight other search engines.

The next step is to compare prices. For that, we analyze the following three ways:  Check the fare with the highest bidder offering Skyscanner.  Check price in other search engines.  Check the price on the same website Airline. First, We start seeing which is the best deal that makes us Skyscanner. For that, click on 'More information', just below the flight back. In this case agrees that the best option offers Skyscanner is the price offered directly by the airline operating the flight. Before checking the final price offered by Ryanair, I'm going to ask you to write down the names of the agencies and search engines that appear just below the best price. Then you'll understand why I say this: Now, Click on 'Check' to see the final price offered by Ryanair. Automatically Skyscanner We redirigire the official website of Ryanair to offer details of the selected flight:


We see that the price remains as it was. It is important to click 'Check Flight' to ensure that the price is real. There are times when the airline changes the price of the ticket and Skyscanner still has not updated the price. Now it compare, for the same dates previously selected, the availability of our other search engines flight. Keep in mind that airlines distribute their seats both in its own website and in travel agencies and specialized search engines, so we should not miss any chance. Although Skyscanner collects a wide variety of agencies, search engines and airlines, always good to make quick checks on other major search engines. Particularly I always check two of them: Kayak and Momondo. In Momondo the best match Skyscanner: 53 euros for a round trip ticket with Ryanair. But do not leave yet. Before you write down the name of the agencies and search engines that you analyzed Momondo, like you did before with Skyscanner. For Kayak, besides agencies and search engines already noted, prices has compared us with Iberia.


Iberia's proposed price rises slightly, becoming of 88,62 euros. I mention that Iberia, not being a low cost airline, we could benefit from the flight to get points for our frequent flyer program or accumulated and redeem for discounts on the flight or even take free of charge. But nevertheless, I will not go into more details about the system of accrual and frequent flyer programs. And we discuss this topic in more detail below.

5 – Search codes

Remember that before I asked you to write down agencies, airlines and search engines that appeared collected Skyscanner and Momondo? For now let's put it to use. The airlines, as well as travel agencies and specialized search engines, usually eventually launch offers and discount codes which we will hardly aware unless someone advise us or ... the Let Us Prey by ourselves. Although Ryanair has been the company that has offered us the best price, It does not mean that we should put aside the other bidders. To find current coupon you can do two things:  Google Search discount by entering the name of the company next to the current month and year. E.g.: “Descuento Expedia Julio 2015″. You will find various websites whose task is to collect discounts. You just have to enter some of them to check for operational savings.  Log directly to a web of coupons and refine your search by selecting as category 'Travel'. I often get a list of all agencies, hotels, airlines and travel companies available in alphabetical order. I did the job well and wrote all companies that appeared in my earlier search, which are the following:  Ryanair  Expedia  Rumbo  eDreams  Alitravel  Govolo  Atrapalo  Bravofly  Lastminute  Viajar No tienes más que utilizar alguno de los dos métodos que ya te he comentado para comprobar si hay algún descuento interesante que debas tener en cuenta. Considering the scenario, this is what I could find:  10 euro discount on round trip flights with Rumbo.


10 Euro discount by booking through the iPhone app eDreams.  20 euro discount on round trip flights with Vueling. Coupons to consider for our flight would be the 10 Rumbo euros discount and eDreams. Although 10 Euros are no big deal, flight for which we are paying 50 yes euros that can be worth. The work required to check the availability of coupons is minimal, so worth checking out before you decide to buy flight. Think also agrees that these codes correspond to the high season of the year. At this time it is always more difficult to find interesting offers. But nevertheless, Vueling promote itself that is quite appealing, so I wanted to highlight it in Article. Imagine that, in your case, you found a flight 50 euros return with Vueling. With this voucher you would spend to pay immediately 30. 20 euros you would have saved yourself for a few minutes of searching! We arrived at the last step. When you get your flight you will be closer than ever to that trip. Here we go!

6 – Make a decision

Good, we reached the last phase. Before making any decision about whether to book the flight, let's see what we've done to get here:  We've analyzed the characteristics of our flight.  We checked the price of the itinerary.  We chose the day with the best price according to our availability.  compare the price with other companies, agencies and search engine.  we investigated for possible coupon. Doing all this we have managed to find a direct flight MadridBruselas by 53 Ryanair euros, you might even get out a few euros cheaper thanks to a discount coupon.


Now is the time to make the decision that more work means we: Do I buy or not buy flight? As I mentioned in previous paragraphs, according to a study Skyscanner a 73% of Spaniards do not book their flight at the right time and as a result end up paying more than necessary. If you want to be part of 27% remainder, I suggest you have what I will always tell you in mind: Never rush to buy. Airline prices fluctuate depending on many factors, as the number of seats sold, the type of route or the remaining weeks of departure. Not for book 6 months ahead mean you will get the best price. Also remember that just three weeks, prices tend to rise, because the type of client who books on such short notice usually do for business, paying what is necessary for flying. A 73% of Spaniards do not book their flight at the best time, as a result paying a higher price. Returning to the case of my flight MadridBruselas, there are still more than two months to departure, so we can do two things.  If the price seems right, resérvalo. Do not expect too much just to save a few euros risking the price to skyrocket. In this case, despite getting enough time, not be such a bad idea to buy the flight today. 53 euros return are very, very good!  If instead you want to wait a little and see what happens to the price, I suggest you activate price alert. Many seekers have this option. Simply enter your email and will notify the same seeker who you whenever it detects any change in the price of your flight.


Now that you know the process that personally I'm always going to book a flight, it's time to turn cederte. I want you to come right now Skyscanner be yourself and who apply, step by step, each of the points you have just learned. If you have a trip in mind, this is the ideal time to take a step forward that will come closer to your destination. Try it for yourself and tell me what your results!



We reached the final of the e-Book and, as it should be, I decided to save the best for last. The tricks below will tell you they could be considered for inveterate travelers. The effort that could lead to its use will result in hundreds of euro for your pocket. It is the moment of truth. Now you have the chance to be the envy of your friends making a bargain with you to destinations you've always dreamed of and stop being the person who paid for his flight. Here you will learn the most popular among the travelers technical experts and discover how you can access and even travel by plane in first class. As you hear. It's time to get going. I hope you're enjoying this big book and enjoy it even more with this last part. It’s time to fly!

1 – How to Be a Travel Hacker and free air travel

The Travel Hacking is a concept that is widespread in the United States but in Europe has not yet reached all popularized. There is no definition for the term officially declared Travel Hacking, so I myself have decided to make my own contribution in this regard: The Travel Hacking is to save much cost from transportation and accommodation, usually taking advantage of the possibilities presented by the frequent flyer programs of some airlines and hotel companies. These programs allow travelers to earn points or miles whenever using the system gives the company Loyalty

These points can then be used to reduce future service costs or even receive fully free. Do not get me wrong it has become truth? I know this may sound Chinese, as this issue is probably totally new to you. I will try to explain in a concise and easy operation of these programs to take advantage of them you start from today. What are the frequent flyer programs? Frequent flyer programs are created by systems companies and employees as a way to reward loyal customers. The main companies often use such programs are airlines and major hotel chains. Each time you purchase a product or service company, You get a number of points that can later be redeemed for free flights, Upgrades to first class at no extra cost to you or free hotel nights. Similar to typical supermarket operating points, but with a very positive impact if they used wisely. So that, the function of a Travel Hacker (Hacker travel) would accumulate the most points in order to save significant costs in future trips. However. You're thinking that, to accumulate a considerable amount of points that allow you to stay in a luxury suite or cross the Atlantic by air at no cost, you need to take dozens of flights, which will end up taking you too long to get a free flight. Yes it is true that, As more trips, the more points you accumulate on your card. This clear. But the grace of Travel Hacking, what caught the attention from the day I heard about it, was the possibility of accumulating large amounts of points without ever leaving the couch and not have the need to take dozens of flights so take advantage of their great rewards. Here we summarize the three possibilities that you have in your hand for miles / points and benefit from frequent flyer programs. As real and practical example, I will draw on an airline that everyone knows, Iberia: 1. Being an avid traveler The most obvious and clearest way to get points is, undoubtedly, taking many flights throughout the year. I have known people who have spent a long time traveling the world or, for work, They have had the need to travel using this mode of transport and completely unaware of the existence of this type of program.

Imagine the face that you get when you realize that, I'd known before, Now you could stick a vacation in the Caribbean for four hard. So if you usually take several flights a year, I recommend you start to keep you going with this topic. Each flight you take without being miles or points in exchange, it'll be losing money long term For Iberia, the airline has a frequent flyer program Iberia Plus, in collaboration with British Airways. Every time you fly with Iberia or another airline belonging to the same alliance, en este caso One World, You get avios (miles) that later will allow you to get great discounts on your flights, can get to fly first class and completely free. If you want to delve deeper into the operation of frequent flyer programs, I suggest you take a look at the great product that Angel wrote, Live blog full.  How free air travel 2. Purchasing products or services of their sponsors. The companies, like any other large company, They have their own partners or sponsors. Whenever you purchase a product or service of one of its sponsors, You get a certain number of miles or reward avios. We will continue with the example of Iberia: If you often drive quite in your day to day, You can get additional avios if repostas Repsol gas stations, partner of the Iberia Plus program. In this manner, per liter repostes get a Avio in your Iberia Plus card. If you subscribe for one year to the printed edition of the newspaper El Pais you will give away 9.000 avios, which could translate into a return flight free Europe. But nevertheless, the interesting thing about all this lies in taking advantage of deals that eventually launched the sponsors, as tempting sweepstakes and promotions that allow you to get Double Avios if you purchase the product or service at that time. Taking advantage of these opportunities, you can purchase a lot of points in no time. You just need to be flexible and make your purchases wisely.

Make your purchases wisely and soon you'll be flying to your next destination completely free. 3. With your credit card for travel This is me, the most attractive and fun way to get points. Certain credit cards, such as those offered by the airlines themselves or certain financial institutions, allow you to accumulate points with your daily expenses. The Iberia Sendo Card gives you a Avio for each euro spent with the card. In this manner, If you load all your expenses to the card, you will accumulate a lot of points without incurring extra costs for you. But the really interesting thing lies in the amount of Avios offered by the simple fact of registering the card. E.g., American Express Gold Card offers 20.000 avios free if you make card charges totaling 2.000 euros in the first six months, the 40.000 if spending reaches 4.000 euros. A Madrid-Bangkok flight costs an average of 400 euros. If you decide to buy the flight avios, It costs around about 27.000 avios. Taking advantage of the offer of the American Express card you can pay you almost the entire bill, using the points you acquired with your everyday expenses. Generally credit cards offer free first-year fee. So if you want to avoid paying the annual fee for the card you just have to sign up, perform the necessary accoutrements acquire your miles or minimum spending and, once you have them in your frequent flyer account, You can unsubscribe without problems. Zero cost for you! The ideal is to find a card that allows you to get as much of accoutrements with the lowest minimum expenditure required. If you plan to make a big purchase in the coming months, disbursement fail to achieve as soon as possible the minimum mandatory spending. Otherwise, you just have to pay for everything with your card, Remember that for every euro spent will get additional avios! The best travel credit card is one that gives you as much as possible to change avios affordable minimum expenditure. I am aware that this issue can be quite confusing and complicated.

In fact, to me it took me more than a headache to understand the efficient operation of program.


2 – Open Jaw Flights

Open Jaw flights are defined as such connections whose itinerary form an open angle. it's okay, I'll explain with an example: If we take a return flight MadridLondres, the route that made that flight will be the same for both the outward and return, in a straight line in its path. If instead we decided to take a flight to Madrid-London leg, but we opted to take back to Barcelona, flight itinerary would be a beeline to purchase certain angle. So both situations would be if we plot: Better now? Therefore, to put take a flight Open Jaw is necessary that our journey is not exclusively back. Further, It will also be required in the flight itinerary from being involved more than two cities. If we limit ourselves to only two cities of origin and destination, repercutiremos directly in the price of the trip, as this gets out of our control and we have to adapt to what the company offers. A few months ago when I went to Belgium to visit a friend, I use this technique to save more than 50 euros in my plane ticket. In traveling dates, Malaga-Brussels flights cost around 120 euros return. Investigating a bit expensive really I appreciated that this flight resided in the first leg. Breaking down the ticket was thus:  Departure fare: 35  euros Return fare: 95 euros


Total: 120 Given the situation euros, I decided to check the status of prices for connections from Brussels to other airports in Spain. In less than five minutes I found a flight 25 euros from Charleroi (Brussels) a Madrid. Buying round trip separately, the final price taking a flight Open Jaw was such that well:  Outbound flight from Malaga: 35  euros Return flight to Madrid: 25 euros  Total: 60 euros. Applying this technique I managed to save a 50 I euros well served to shrink my outstanding beers to taste. Think that every euro account. In return flights you can spend that money on other things, and travel back undated, each coin saved directly affect the length of your trip. This technique can also be applied to the reverse. Can, e.g., fly from Madrid to London, finish your trip to Scotland and take the return flight from Edinburgh. Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of taking a flight or other type and decántate route that lets you save the most money. If you want to go into more detail on how to find and book flights Open Jaw, you need to read this fantastic guide on the subject.

3 – It combines conventional airlines companies

Low Cost This technique is ideal for long-haul flights. Why? It is possible that the price of a ticket from a given city vary greatly in comparison with the price resulting from flying from a neighboring country. Early in the book I put the example of my friend Berni, who managed to save up 340 euros flights using this technique. In case you do not remember your feat, let me ask you a brief overview: Berni was finishing his trip to Southeast Asia after several months of adventure. Its ultimate destination was Vietnam, so he decided to return to Spain from the airport in Ho Chi Minh.

His bitter surprise was to see that the flights were around 700 euros, an amount, obviously, he moved away from its budget. Unable to afford to pay such exorbitant amount for a one-way flight, He decided to take a look at the connections with other European cities. Thus he was found a flight to Frankfurt by 250 euros from Kuala Lumpur. Flights to Europe from Vietnam kept coming more expensive, so he decided to take a flight with a low cost company by 40 Kuala Lumpur euros hasta (just over an hour and a half flight from Vietnam) and take advantage of the offer 250 euros departing from the airport in the Malaysian capital. From Frankfurt, two days later arrival, It took a new flight, this time with the low cost carrier Ryanair, to Alicante, its final destination, for about 70 euros. The equation was still profitable:  Vuelo Ho Chi Minh City - Kuala Lumpur 40  euros Flight Kuala Lumpur - Frankfurt = 250  euros Flights Frankfurt - Alicante = 70  euros Total Cost: 360 euros A lot better than the 700 Initial euros, no? Thanks to his persistence and flexibility, Berni managed to save 340 euros. Which he invested money to spend two days visiting Frankfurt, a city that then unknown, avoiding giving savings recent trip to the initial carrier. To take full advantage of this technique, the ideal is to compare the average price level for a given destination from different countries of origin. So that, you may well be profitable flying to an intermediate city of hand of a Low Cost company and then take the flight to your final destination from there. The Americans, e.g., They make very good use of these connections when traveling to Europe. The United States has very good relations with the Norwegian airline, allowing its citizens to save enough money on flights to Europe provided that fly to Oslo. This trick is compatible with the aforementioned frequent flyer programs. Citing the example of my friend Angel, Madrid travel to Seoul costs about 45.000 miles. Applying this technique we could fly to Bangkok 30.000 miles and move with a low cost airline to Seoul, saving step leftover miles for a future flight. The basis of everything is, as usual, your flexibility.

The more flexible you are on your journey, You can play better cards on the table.

4 – You do not mind the fate

If you plan to travel somewhere, destination without really bother you much, then you just have to fly to where less it hurts your pocket. That easy. There are many search engines that allow you to search by entering only the airport from which you would like to carry out. Some of the most popular for this purpose are Skyscanner o Kayak. SkyScanner offers the possibility to set destination "Anywhere", providing you with a list, ordered from lowest to highest price, all available destinations. If we set, e.g., Madrid and departure city and select 'Everywhere' as your destination, for the entire month of September, this is what we found: Perhaps these bargains involve a great opportunity to discover Morocco or make a trip to the Swiss Alps. If we decide to opt for the tool Kayak Explore, we have only to set the departure airport for more detailed and graphical view of the situation: On the map we can see how we can fly to destinations like Paris or London for less than 50 euros. Further, the tool gives us the ability to filter our search for our needs. So that, it is possible to establish a set of filters as the maximum target price, time, the geographical area, flight hours or type of activity in which we are interested. Kayak Explore is a tool that I love, because it allows you to get a general idea about the destination. If you are interested in visiting a destination of sun and sand, you just have to tick the corresponding filter

study the possibilities that offers search engine. It is impossible to make excuses! Like I said before, you just have to do the test for yourself. Go into Skyscanner or kayak and follow the steps I mentioned you to see how's airspace for the selected month. With Skyscanner you also have the option of selecting the 'cheaper Month' option, if your flexibility is full.

5 – Let the deals come to you

My last advice is that you stay alert to possible new features or offers that do not miss any opportunity overlooked. For that, You can do several things: 1. Subscribe to mailing lists of your main airlines. With no major airline I wanted to touch on the most popular, but the most important for you. If you live in Málaga, perhaps a good idea to subscribe to the mailing lists of companies operating in Malaga Airport. This way you can stay alert to everything cooked in your airspace close. For airlines operating in your city, you just have to enter the website of AENA, select your favorite airport and airlines access the list of available. Once you have the list in front, you just have to go visit the official website of each airline one by one as a gift and leave your email address. Thanks to this Alicia, my partner, He found a range of 2 × 1 in flight with Vueling, which it allowed us to spend a few days relaxing in Palma de Mallorca. Is it worth the effort, dont you think? Another alternative is to create a list in Twitter bringing together all airlines, thus being able to take a quick overview and directly from the network. 2. Follow specialized websites. Another good idea to keep up with the best deals of the travel sector is to follow, both how social networks through email, Some websites specializing in group and publish the best bargains of the tourist market.

So, complementary to the previous two tips, I suggest you do not neglect my weekly emails so you do not miss any bargain. Please be assured that nothing will not send spam and send those offers will be of highest quality.

I hope that after reading this intense you can start applying these tricks in your future flights and get save hundreds of euros. I'm looking forward to me to tell us your results!


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