The 10 most beautiful places in Galicia

Los 10 lugares más bonitos de Galicia


Galicia is a land full of myths and legends. It is the place where witches shelter and pilgrims seeking peace at the end of their path. Galicia is beautiful because yes. Verde, blue and mysterious, is a community to lose in disparate corners. Skyscanner he wanted to select for you these points of interest for its beauty represent a piece of Galicia. Are these places you can not miss if you want to know the peculiarities of this corner of Spain.

There 10 places you should visit in Galicia … Do not to be missed!

1. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Corunna

There are several reasons why a visit to this Cathedral is a must. The beautiful and charming town of Santiago, the magnificent and opulent façade Workshop, the door of the Silversmiths and how not? the mythical Botafumeiro . The Botafumeiro was used in the Middle Ages as an instrument of purification and, on the way, frightened odors that focused on the cathedral by pilgrims and other beings who congregated in the cathedral. It is a magical and quiet show with great spiritual charge. To view this feat of smoke, incense and pulleys have two options. The first squaring your visit to the cathedral with the dates is fixed to put it into operation. (These dates usually coincide with the days marked in red on our calendar: the 6 from January, the 25 from December, the 15 of August, the 1 of November …). The second option you have left is apply at the office (via mail or regular mail) and pay out of your pocket.

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Catedral de santiago de compostela

2. Lighthouse Finisterre, Corunna

The purists explain that this is the real end of the road of Santiago where pilgrims burn the clothes they wear and terminate their journey. Once this term was considered the end of the earth. The beauty of the head confers certain solemnity to the place. It breathes some essence of sacred. In fact, cruzeiro crown one last rock that flows into the sea. (Note: around the stone crosses used to meet the witches ). Pisa this lighthouse and you're in a magical place.

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Finisterre lighthouse Galicia

3. Tower of Hercules, Corunna

And a beacon to another. According to legend, Hercules came to Spain in search of Giant Geryon, in order to liberate these lands from their abusive power. The confrontation lasted staged 3 days and nights. Hercules defeated the giant and cut off his head, buried along the sea. Here, and in commemoration of his victory, Hercules lighthouse was built. speculation aside, this tower has the privilege of being the oldest Roman lighthouse still in operation worldwide. Do not miss seeing.

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Tower of Hercules lighthouse in A Coruña

4. Vines Baixas, Pontevedra

Of the Rias Baixas you can highlight a million things to see and do (mainly because they extend from Cape Finisterre to the border with Portugal). to get started, their beaches. To follow, landmarks. And to finish, evocative towns like Baiona and Sanxenxo. But something that is curious to see are the vineyards that are multiplied by the coast and flowing into the beaches of the estuary. The grape is harvested is known as Albariño that, by the way, pop goes well and the seafood served in restaurants in the area. A wine that is worth following is passing through the region of Salnés, where the largest area of ​​vineyards and wineries in Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin is concentrated. It is the area that has a consolidated winemaking tradition for decades.

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vineyards in the Rias Baixas

Photograph © Josu González / Flickr (Creative Commons)

May Cies Islands, Pontevedra

Cies Islands are a natural paradise that comes closest to the vision of the Caribbean that you can find in Spain. Its white sand beaches and turquoise water make it the perfect place to lose in time and space. No wonder this archipelago was said at the time of the Romans Islands of the Gods . This paradise is now a national park and is protected from anything that interferes with the conservation of its ecosystem. That must be why the visit to the three islands of the Cies is limited to the summer months and Easter. Ferries depart from Vigo, Baiona or Cangas.

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Islas Cies Galicia

6. Beach of the Cathedrals, Lugo

Perhaps Galicia will attract for its seafood and green landscapes, but its beaches have not wasted. especially this, which is located north of the province of Lugo, between Foz and Ribadeo. The arches and domes dotting the sands of this beach look worn by wind and water remembering that one day vertiginous cliffs were devouring this site. Stroll along this beach and dive into the caves feeling a molehill more among its impressive walls.

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Lugo Beach of the cathedrals

7. Combarro, Pontevedra

You can not go to Galicia without knowing the typical architecture of this land. Especially, the Barns. If not he ever heard of this type of construction, it is a kind of food store where formerly the family home were kept. This town is famous for the collection of barn display in Combarro Beach. There are at least thirty of them. The granaries have become the symbol that identifies this location. But not only for these pantries worth approaching this population Pontevedra. Cruceiros also scattered around the center of the old town and the delightful promenade will make you fall in love with this town.

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8. Monte Santa Tecla, Pontevedra

Touring the South of Galicia and not climb this mountain is like going to Madrid and not eat a squid sandwich. From above you will have superb views of the mouth of the Minho river . Also on top, to some 341 meters, is the castro of Santa Tecla. It is an archaeological ruins rebuilt homes lifestyle emulating thousands of years ago. Do not miss this mountain. You will cross your list several places and things to do in Galicia in one fell swoop.

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Iberian archaeological site of Santa Tecla in Pontevedra

9. Canyon de Sil, Orense

This place has nothing to envy the famous Colorado canyon. For thousands of years the river Sil was eating ground in the mountains steep gorges creating more than 500 meters deep. If you want the vertigo you go up the legs up to your neck agarrotar, we recommend that you lean out by Balcones de Madrid. This viewpoint is hanging over the abyss, Cadeiras the sanctuary to the other bank and the Monforte plain horizon. Dare to climb aboard a catamaran to explore the canyon from the base. There are those who will take you from the Devil's Needle to the Balcones de Madrid. Balconies past begin to climb other vineyards in the Sierra de Sil.

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Sil canyon in SC

10. Forests Eume, Corunna

If you approach Galicia precisely because of its mysticism and legends who plan on this earth, This is a corner that you can not miss. It is a mysterious place with thick forests where the light comes always veiled. These forests extend along the river that bears his name. Legend has it that when God created the three rivers that originate in the Serra do Xistral (Eume, Masma y Landro) He promised that the first to reach the sea each year get a man. Along the way, Three Rivers decided to rest a little, which only served Eume. When this was learned betrayed by the other two, enraged, He accelerated its march between mountains and valleys getting to be the first. Thus, the Eume went well, rough and rugged,, before the onset of reservoirs, Eume, is carried every year the life of a man.

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Forests of Galicia Eume

Sure we have been thousand and more beautiful places in Galicia. Do not hesitate and share your favorites in the comments.

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