Tips for camping in Europe

Consejos para ir de camping por Europa


Experienced campers say that this form of travel is a lifestyle. They are right. Beyond your reasons to go camping the first time, addictive. These tips for camping in Europe – or any other corner of the world – will greatly facilitate the complications of life campinguista. Take note!

4 recommendations for traveling Europe on a camping

Then we value the best way to choose the place in which to place the store, van or caravan. Also we annotate the perfect site for you according to your marital status. In the same way, we explain how to choose tent or caravan for your personal needs. Finally, we make a short reference to the location according to your preferences. Prepared?

1.Steps to choose a strategic place

consejos para ir de camping To select the perfect place you have to think of these variables; Flights proximity to toilets or tranquility? ¿Sun or shade? Better access to departure or silence? Inevitably, if you stand close to the main campsite facilities are more likely to have disturbing noises if you do very remote. Also make sure other factors like the sun. Especially if you stay in a tent without raffia or pergola will be of great help.

2.Camping familiar versus Camping individual

consejos para ir de camping It is the main question that needs to be done. What we want? ? A camping to be with your partner, friends or alone without much social life or family camping? One of the biggest complaints is that many campers want to relax at the campsite and it is young or, On the contrary, look like a neighborhood. The choice is in your hand.

3. The best accommodations for every type of stay in a camping

consejos para ir de camping By type we mean travel tent, mobile home, trailer or truck. Typically, if you're a novice camper you prefer to start with a tent. But nevertheless, many travelers have already clear that the van is your perfect transport means. You do you choose?

4.The ubication: sea ​​or mountain

consejos para ir de camping One of the advantages we find when we travel to a site is that You can accommodate beautiful landscapes , worthy of five star hotels, with rates rarely exceed 15 euros per person per night. With these references on hand, previously worth your arrival choose what you're looking for. You want a campsite set in a “garden”? Wilder camping? Whatever can be yours.

You liked our tips for traveling to a campsite? El Viajero Feliz give you some clues to go on vacation is your way of life. Learn more advice for novice traveler or these tips to help you in your next trip. Perhaps at a campsite in Europe?

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