A trip through the city of Rome

Un viaje a través de la ciudad de Roma

If you decide to travel to the city of Rome you will find a truly amazing city, not only for each monuments, but rather by the architecture thereof, that attract attention because everyone is different and symbolizes something different. Rome is a world to discover.


The architecture of this city is striking mainly for its monumentality and especially and perhaps even more important, for the great significance that each of the buildings of this iconic Capital.


If you have decided touring this majestic city and you enjoy meeting all kinds of monuments we will highlight some of them that are sure you will love. Strolling through this city is a pleasure for the senses and proof of this are the known monuments such as the Trevi Fountain, famous worldwide, the Roman Coliseum, the Pantheon, Spain Square.


In turn there are monuments in Rome that attract attention for something in particular and in this sense will point out the hot springs, also called public baths. The most striking of these is to be used both for bathing to be meeting place. In Rome, the most important are the Baths of Caracalla. These hot springs are one of the most impressive in Rome and stand out especially for their age. These hot springs the Romans came assiduously to thereby maintain hygiene, but in turn to improve their social relations, something truly beneficial to them at that time. These springs attract attention, meanwhile, for being one of the best preserved Roman times.


Undeniably, one of the must-see sites are the famous Vatican Museums, known around the world for a few galleries that are stored inside a large number of collections of great artistic value related to the world of arts. They are the property of the Catholic Church, but anyone who wants to can access them through the Vatican City. Here not only artworks are, but we can also see different monuments, as well as gardens and a large number of different types of galleries and museums dedicated to different themes, all very interesting. Do not forget to visit the Vatican Library, one of the most important in the world.


Within the museum there is a hidden architectural element to the public – the spiral staircase of Bramante – one of the best known and least visited of the world. Spiral staircases, It is one of the most difficult elements to build, They continue to maintain its popularity today. Recently a Madrid architect has written a doctoral thesis on this architectural element. The thesis of Sanjurjo Alberto on the spiral staircase it provides an insight into the history of this architectural element and understand its evolution over time.


Another curiosity worth visiting are the triumphal arches flooding the city. These are very striking mainly for its symbolic value, and that served to commemorate any military victory. In this manner, once he won a war or any kind of big victory was achieved regarding this, always, the emperor who had at that time was in charge of building this iconic monument in the city. That is why this city, the eternal city of Rome, está llena de este tipo de monumentos ya que en las victorias del pueblo romano, especially during the first period, were very numerous and important.




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