Get 18 € credit in AirBnb

Consigue 18€ de credito en AirBnb

Travel anywhere and stay for less money! Get up to 88 € per person you invite.

Envía 18€ de crédito de Airbnb a un amigo. You get 18 € when you make a reservation and stay 66 € when someone.

Refer to a friend:

Any user are He registered Airbnb can refer a friend. it is not necessary that ever have reserved the been a host Airbnb refer a friend a room in Airbnb. We refer to the person receiving a Reference code as its remission. Reference code should only be used for personal purposes and noncommercial. This means that you can share your invite link with connections personal through Email, Twitter, Facebook and personal blogs. You agree not to publish the distribution the link, or make the link It is published or distributed, on or through methods, the platforms and the media in which It has no basis reasonable to believe that all or most of the audience the receivers son his friends Personal (tales as websites off, Reddit, Wikipedia).
Reception and exchange Travel credits

You will receive travel credit after booking qualification reference It has occurred. As soon as one of references Full successfully a reservation Classification, you will be credited with the appropriate amount dollars (the equivalent in local currency * and we support) como se describe the link you clicked to send the remission or Accompanying promotional materials. All your Travel credits cattle shall apply automatically to its next booking classification in form of a coupon, that you will see on page Reserve. It can not combine Travel credits with an additional coupon. Travel credits expire after three years from the date They have been issued.
Qualifying Reservation

A reservation Classification It has a total value (excluding cleaning costs) of 75 dollars (or equivalent the moneda local of reference *, if it is compatible with we) or more. All bookings They must be booked and paid through the platform Airbnb, and completed by remission, to receive or redeem Travel credits. A provided that subsequently canceled, repay the changed such that the total value (excluding cleaning costs) It turns into less than $ 75 (the equivalent in currency local de su remission *, if it is compatible with we), does not qualify to Travel credits. A reservation too does not qualify if you are or the host or host in reserve, a and so the host and the host They were referred by you.
multiple References

If your remission too It was referred by another user, You receive the travel credit after a reservation rating if the reference uses Reference code the clicks your referral link when registering. If your remission uses a Reference code the different click Referral Link another person when registering, You will not receive the travel credit.
Only Limited Time

This incentive program It is just for a while limited, and that may withdraw or suspend this incentive program (in whole or partly) anytime. The requirements and incentives They are also subject to change at any time.
And You have He has been invited to join Airbnb Through a Reference

Sign up using un Reference code valid (or by clicking a referral link valid) a user Airbnb existing and receive a loan Promotional for use toward the reserve next classification in Airbnb. The loan coupon standard It is $ 25 (the equivalent in its currency local *, if we support), but vary in some cases, and you signed during a promotional period. Varying amounts of credit and the terms Additional They will appear in the invitation reference the promotional materials accompany.

To claim your travel credit, visit the section reference of the page in your account and enter Reference code within 30 days of the day he enrolled in your account Airbnb.

We reserve the right to terminate your account remove References should uses any activity determined as abuse the referral program.

If any provision of these terms considers invalid, the null unenforceable, happiness provision (the the part of it that It is what it is Invalid, null or unenforceable) will be beaten and no affect the validity and applicability of provisions remaining .
Updates the Terms

we can update these terms anytime without notice. If you change these terms, post modifications in the Website, applications or services, that they are effective after publication. By continuing to send References after publishing modification, you are indicating that you agree to be linked by updated terms. If terms modified They are not acceptable for you, their only recourse is stop sending References.

* His moneda local the quantity credit equivalent of reference It shall be calculated using a wide rate system, known as exchange rate de base, for the conversion of currency using data from one or more thirds, as Oanda. Update regularly exchange rate de base, but it may not be identical to the rate time market real.

How does it work

  1. A community based on shared

    Airbnb began in 2008, when two designers who had stayed home space three travelers seeking a place to stay. Nowadays, millions of hosts and travelers are encouraged to create a free account at Airbnb to your ads and book unique accommodations around the world.

  2. Trust services

    Airbnb lets you share your home with an easy way, secure and reliable. For that, we take care to check the personal profiles and ads, to maintain a system of effective messages for hosts and guests to communicate securely and to administer a trusted platform for managing payments.

  3. Customer support 24 hours

    Whether you are a guest or a host, we are here to assist you before, during and after your experience. Help Center, you will find answers to common questions about Airbnb. For everything else, You can contact us through


How to travel

  1. Reserve

    There are different ways to book hotel rooms in Airbnb. Some hosts want to know the guest prior to confirming the reservation, while others prefer to reduce the time needed to manage applications using the Instant booking function Airbnb.


  2. Travel

    Once you know where you go and what space'll stay, You just have to get going!


Do you need more information?


  • Guests refund policy

    Our customer service team will help you if you suffer any problems during the trip. You can get more information on our Policy Center »

  • Check out our FAQs

    Check out our FAQs for travelers and hosts to learn more about how Airbnb works.
    Visit our FAQ »


  • Visit our Security Center

    Your safety is our primary concern.
    Get more information at our center of trust and security "




How to host

  1. Post your ad

    Dare to share any type of space through Airbnb! No matter if you have a villa by the sea or an inflatable mattress in a corner of the room:creating an ad for free. When you want to start receiving guests, You can publish it for the world to discover.

  2. Responds to requests

    If guests like your space, want to reserve. En Airbnb, You have the possibility to ask guests to send a reservation request. You also have the possibility of allowing some of them to book when using Instant booking.

  3. Say hello to your guests

    When you have a confirmed reservation, You will have to prepare to welcome guests. Airbnb host is an art: That includes everything from cleaning the space and coordinate the delivery of keys to welcome guests and offer suggestions about the neighborhood.


Note: They were previously 22 €, They are now 18 €. Apuntante removed before supply or fall more!!!!


Get 18 € credit in AirBnb

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