Discount coupon Airbnb

Cupon de descuento en Airbnb

Thanks to Dhole discount , Puedes alojarte más más barato en Airbnb de varias formas. These are the types of additional discounts you can find to Airbnb:

Coupon initial discount of 22 € on Airbnb !


Initial discount coupon € 22. The easiest way to get a discount on Airbnb is to use a coupon for your first backup. You can use it on bookings of 69 € at least (final price). Join Airbnb discount with a coupon of € 23 which you can use in your first accommodation (provided that the value thereof is more than 60 € approx) .

Steps to follow:



Click the link for you Coupon Airbnb 22 € gift. Someone who is already registered to Airbnb, let this coupon for other people to use.


Clicking on the link Coupon Airbnb take you to the registration screen Airbnb, where you can read a person registered and sent you € 22. This Coupon Airbnb € 22 gift will appear in your Airbnb account once you're registered.


To sign up for Airbnb simply click on the Register link and follow the steps that tells the registration screen. Once registration is completed you will get the 22 € for the gift you offering evey Coupon Airbnb and that you can use on any of your lodging reservations you make through Airbnb. This reserve must exceed 70 € before applying the discount coupon € 22.
And that's it! Now you just have to find the perfect accommodations thanks to your Coupon Airbnb 22 € discount get amazing prices. Airbnb is the most fun and cheap way to get accommodation anywhere in the world. For the price of a hotel room on Airbnb you'll get an apartment for 4/6 people.

These Coupons Airbnb Gifts are published on this website by people who are already users Airbnb. By registering for the first time in Airbnb you receive from these people 22 € Gift Coupon Discount shaped Airbnb. Once registered, when making the first reserve, these people gave you the coupon of 22 €, also they receive € 22 of balance, only your first reservation.


Conditions to spend that money:

When you go to make a reservation for the amount exceeding 67 € without cleaning fees or fees Airbnb service, the discount will appear directly when entering your payment details.


Other codes:


The discount codes are alphanumeric some discount coupons that you can enter when making a reservation, in the "coupon". They are difficult to get because normally only usually give Airbnb compensation when there is a problem with your account, or if you have trouble using your travel credit (that does not automatically subtract your reservation, e.g.), but sometimes they do exist.


You can see the current discount codes below:

€ 58 discount code (EXPIRED): Enter the coupon code "SONGKRAN2014" and € 58 will be deducted the total amount of your reservation.


Travel credit

The travel credit is money you can make in your Airbnb account and you can deduct on your reservations as a discount coupon. You can get travel credit Airbnb to sign up first , and then inviting your friends to use Airbnb (either to travel or to host) using your own referral link, because the first time one of your recommended trip (for a minimum of 69 € ca.), they will give you € 23 travel credit, and when you rent your house or room for the first time, you will get € 69.

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