The 20 most beautiful medieval villages of Spain

Los 20 pueblos medievales más bonitos de España



Spain is a land rich in history is not a secret to anyone, which has numerous charming medieval villages either. We told you what were some of the cutest medieval towns in Europe and has not been easy to make this selection, but here we go. This is our proposal time to find your ideal scenario of knights and princesses. Or perhaps you have?

There 20 of the most beautiful medieval villages of Spain … And if you know any that we have left, Tell us-in a comment and take note.

1. Morella, Castellón, Valencian Community

Morella is one of those treasures of Castellón, a place that has preserved like no other with its proud castle parade, Sparrows tower tank and including. Add to that its medieval walls and the aqueduct of St. Lucia, It is easy to imagine what it was like here many centuries life. Morella travel is travel to the past, no matter what time of year you let yourself fall for the precious Maestrat.

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pueblo medieval de Morella en Castellón

2. Caceres, Estremadura

They say the old city of Caceres is one of the medieval and Renaissance urban complexes most complete in the world, and it will be true. Thus, This place was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the mid- 80. The Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Palace of the vanes, Casa del Sol, Bujaco Tower and the Arc of the Star have good share of blame.

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medieval monuments of Caceres in Extremadura

3. Valldemossa, Mallorca, Balearic Islands

The average age is not just a matter of peninsula. Spanish islands also kept beautiful witness this historic moment. This applies to Valldemossa, one Spaniard town of steep, narrow streets that speak of his noble Arab origin. Do not miss the church of the XIII century and his famous Cartuja, a temple were able to appreciate the value the likes of Ruben Dario, Jorge Luis Borges and Jovellanos, among others.

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medieval village of Valldemossa in Mallorca

4. Ubeda and Baeza, Jaén, Andalusia

Safely, the two most famous sisters towns of Jaen, Andalusia, and perhaps also of Spain. Separately beautiful, but nice to the nth degree when shake hands. The good condition of the buildings plus the unique natural environment that surrounds it caused Ubeda and Baeza were declared a World Heritage Site 3 July 2003. A more than deserved title confirming its position as one of the most charming medieval towns in Spain.

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medieval town of Ubeda in Jaen

May Frias, Burgos, Castile and Leon

From the hill of the Muela Frias monitors the passage of Ebro river. This strategic location between the coast and the Bay of Biscay Plateau, today still maintaining its old medieval structure, being the castle of the Velasco and the Church of San Vicente its two most representative buildings. If you want to stroll through a village and feel like you're in the Middle Ages or think and approach Frias.

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medieval village and castle of Frias in Burgos

6. Laredo, Cantabria

This coastal enclave which boasts a long beach one day without bread every September period dress to celebrate the landing of the Emperor Carlos V. If you want to see its medieval face the rest of the year, You must be sought in the Puebla Vieja, an important historical and artistic at nightfall becomes drinking area. Unfortunately, some buildings in the area have literally fallen apart, partly because of his seniority in part for serious shortcomings in the management of conservation.

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medieval town of Laredo in Cantabria

7. Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha

Everything has walked a night for Toledo and has cast dark imagination has seen men encapados wield the sword dueling, almost always out of the bar. Place it to let your mind up and quixotic times alatristes. Few people, forgiveness, Cities, They have much flavor as the Golden Age has Toledo. It is and always will simply delightful city … and a kind of time warp when you love go go.

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medieval town of Toledo in Spain

8. Peratallada, Girona, Catalonia

So immaculate streets are Peratallada, one has the feeling that there has not spent an angel, especially if you visit outside the summer season. A castle, a palace, a church and a keep preserved as a treasure you have earned the place was one of the finest medieval sets of Catalonia. Visit it if you can the first weekend of October, it is then that celebrates its traditional medieval market.

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Pueblo medieval Peratallada Gerona in Cataluña

9. Lugo, Galicia

The sturdy walls of Lugo guarding the cobbled old town is the clearest traces of the medieval past of this site. A city that in the eighth century was an important enclave in the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, one of the most important stops on the route known as Primitive could not miss this list of charming medieval villages of Spain.

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Walls and Cathedral lugo

10. Alquezar, Huesca, Aragon

The cold river Vero bathes the coquettish town of Alquezar, an Aragonese town with intense history. Everyone who walks through the town center agrees that the medieval charm of its streets and houses is incontestable. You must visit if you want to know if it is true … And you may well be tempted to dust off the armor and go riding.

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alquézar medieval village in Aragon

11. Medinaceli, Soria, Castile and Leon

A Roman arch, the remains of the castle, the Collegiate Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, one Ducal Palace and Plaza Mayor of five thousand square meters, that said fast, are ingredients left over to get a perfect medieval city. As well, You have them all in Medinaceli, You see if you want to lose.

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Roman Arch of Medinaceli in Soria

12. Olite, Navarre

Navarra has always been the cradle of noble people who shaped towns like Olite, a medieval village in just over half an hour of Pamplona. The jewel in the crown of the old town is cute, definitely, his castle, a magical place in the courtyard every summer held a Festival of Classical Theatre. Then the great authors are represented under the stars. An appointment not to miss.

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Palace of Olite in Navarra

13. Beget, Gerona, Catalonia

Beget is a great little treasure carved stone waiting discreet visits to the region of Alta Garrotxa. Its relatively recent restoration has left the nines ancient stone masonry walls, Arab tile roofs and wooden doors. A real beauty.

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medieval village in Girona Beget

14. Ainsa, Huesca, Aragon

The Historical Site is a medieval Ainsa way all capable of seducing the most demanding visitor. Its castle boasts pentagonal tower, and the parish church of Santa Maria de Aragon Romanesque manual. A great little gem of Huesca that no one should miss.

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Views of the medieval village of Aínsa in Huesca

15. Hervas, Caceres, Estremadura

There was once one of the best preserved areas of Spain, to the point that today its streets still can buy authentic pieces kosher pastry. Lose yourself in its streets curled up to the Church of Santa Maria, the highest point of the place. From there, the village seems an island of red roof lulled by a soft sea of ​​mountains.

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Hervas medieval village in the Ambroz Valley in Extremadura

Photo © Jesus Perez Pacheco / Flickr (Creative Commons)

16. Besalú, Catalonia

Alt Emporda where cross, Plan Lake and La Garrotxa Besalú is levanta, a Catalan enclave Bisuldunum the name comes from that is reminiscent of a fortress between two stools, the Fluvià river and the 16. Capellades. Spend your tele bridge and expel its Jewish quarter back in time almost as much as you cross the threshold of the Monastery of San Pedro.

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Medieval Besalú in Girona

17. Consuegra, Toledo, Castilla la Mancha, Spain

Consuegra is go back to the times of Hidalgo Don Quixote, those where Cervantes explains mills were giants. The site has more than twelve in number and date in the sixteenth century. Your silhouette, combined with the Mola Castle give away one sick singular horizon, almost single security in the country.

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Windmills in Consuegra La Mancha

18. Peñafiel, Valladolid, Castile and Leon

Tavernes flavored sucker irrigated with abundant Ribera de Duero swirl in the shadow of a castle began to rise in the ninth century. A distinctive square Coso, Clocktower one of the most curious Villa, and a host of religious buildings Peñafiel make the perfect place to set a film of ladies and gentlemen, noble and queens.

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medieval castle of Penafiel in Valladolid

19. Vic, Barcelona, Catalonia

The capital of the Osona experts consider one of the most evocative medieval sets of Catalonia. If you want to enjoy time I visit it during the month of December, coinciding with the bridge of the Constitution, when dozens of artisans, traders and other people of yesteryear take place to mark the medieval market.

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Medieval town of Vic in Catalonia

20. Santillana del Mar, Cantabria

They call it the town of three lies because it is neither holy nor is flat or has it matters little to March cobbled stone streets, all seem to die fighting in the Collegiate Santa Juliana, the most visited building this Cantabrian town. At each step a mansion if not a palace or a church,, from time to time, a trough where it is not hard to find cows quenching the thirst.

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medieval village of Santillana del Mar in Cantabria

Tell us what you think we have left … and start looking hotels for your next getaway medieval.

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