As free or cheap travel

Let's see how to travel free or very cheap so if you're going to make a big backpacking trip as if you're a weekend holiday.

Get cheap or free flights

The cheapest flight is looking at comparators: You will not find cheaper than flight edreams" target="_blank">eDreams , Skyscanner o Kayak, because it is responsible to compare prices offered by different companies and offer the best.

others are not so well known comparators Momondo,Mobissimo, But Valeri, Drungli and Trabber.

Change the currency of payment: I've never used this trick, but I have read many gurus in the field of Internet travel that did and it worked them. It is found on the website of the airline belonging to another country; example: of we would spend to and so we would take advantage of the exchange rate pounds to dollars.

Try different routes: in Europe we have many airports and flights that is very easy to do. It is shuffling different routes - Beware not go crazy looking!

Frequent flyer programs (free travel accumulate points): There are registering for free on the website of the company to get a membership number and insert it in future purchases. As travel will be receiving points / miles you can redeem for free flights.

Subscribe to airlines: Usually they arrive promotions. Sometimes they give you miles for watching videos or registration on another web.

Or fairly inexpensive lowcost companies: Ryanair, Wizz Air, Finnair, Vueling, EasyJet…

Find free or cheap accommodation

It's easy to find a place to sleep free or cheap.

Couchsurfing (Stay in the house of the locals)

Through couchsurfing you can stay to sleep on the couch, bed or air mattress anyone living in the city that you visit. It is a much better way to know a country than staying at a hotel because you can get closer to the local culture and discover the "secrets" of the city.

Work in exchange for room:

There are hundreds of hostels all over the world where you can work in exchange for free room and board. In most of these tasks are cleaning your hours in the morning and, generally, the day will be free to visit the city. But nevertheless, the work will always depend on where you are in: You may have to work as a receptionist or do other functions.

You can also get free hosting foreign working on organic farms; This method is known as Wwoofing (Work exchange on organic and sustainable properties) Check out guess I'll use in the future.

Besides the well-known au pair, On the internet I also found the ability to clean houses while their owners are away. You have some webs (attention to the last): Mind My House (, House Carers ( y Luxury House Sitting (

Camping or camping in a garden:

You can do outdoors; Nevertheless, I find much on the internet lately is offering people the gardens of their homes in case anyone needs them camping. For now the opportunities are almost all in the British Isles (why not?): Camp in my garden.

Exchange your home: People do it every summer growing; it is to exchange your accommodation with other owners in any season: Exchange®.

Free or cheaper tourist activities

Guías gratis/free tours: when I was in Amsterdam guide gave us a 'free tour', that is to say, He showed us the city, He explained its history / trivia and recommended the best places completely free of charge (but you can give a tip).

Why do that? Normally usually very charismatic and offer other tours payment. In this case, The guide did a tour of the red light district at night and it was not free. On the other hand, certainly they earn more tourists end up paying if they say it's free if they do not.

For me the guided tours are necessary to understand a city.

Check it out here: Feelfreetours and NewEuropeTours.

On the other hand, You can also find experiences and recommendations Minube.

Join a role in the museum free days: before heading to any city, enter the website you want to visit museums and discover if they have some kind of special discount or free days. Even the most famous museums have times when access is free as, e.g., the Louvre or the Guggenheim.

Also, do not forget your student card or any other with which you can get a reduction on the original price of admission.

Become card with city tourism: if you're going to see two museums, do not do it; if you're a geek like me art history, then you will usually have to account for incredible discounts.

Free audio guides: Woices travelers share in the guides of the cities visited in audio format.

Eat free or for little money

The stalls: if it is to save a few euros and to travel as much as possible, vendors with small snack stands and generally quick takeaway, They are super good.

In Asia the streets are lined with food stalls and small dish, as I read, It costs less than one euro for most of the time.

Working in some of the alternatives proposed in the category of 'accommodation'.

Supermarkets in the area: when you live out of your city you are able to find the best deals.

Save on transport

If you just want to get around the city, I recommend doing this walk. It is not the fastest way, but if the cheapest and entertaining.

If they are long-haul distances, you can follow these points:


Surely you have heard lately a lot about Bla; if you have not done so, It is to provide the available seats in your car travelers through the website to share the expenses of the journey. Alternatively also well known web esCarpooling. O para taxis Uber.

Make with the card city tourism: not only they provide discounts at museums but, generally, They include free local transport.

Auto stop: we could be talking for hours about the pros and cons, but if you want free travel is a good alternative. If you decide to do, Check out the webHitchwiki to find information in Spanish on strategic entry points to hitchhike: as I read it is advisable to wait at a gas station and kindly ask drivers to stop for fuel.

Rent a public bike: dozens of European cities offer this option; in Barcelona, e.g., encontrarás bicing. In this section of the Wikipedia already written cities and programs.

Working as RV Courier: if you are in United States, You can work as conductor of a caravan or rental car to take wherever they need it. Rent trucks to perform this function do not come cheap companies, so drivers continually seek to displace the goods. If you are interested, you also pay the return trip. The insurance and gas are included. Here are some websites: Livinthedreamrvcourier, Cruise América, Auto Driveaway…

Move with your own bike: The beauty of this point is that, Arriving at your destination, You can also use it to explore the city. Care Blog Bicicleting.


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