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Guia de viaje de Roma

Rome in 12 points


Rome is a wonderful city, you can go over and again and always go there with some discovery or just having enjoyed walking through its streets. But to really enjoy this city, You have to know what there is to see. Here you are the most important places of the city and well planned route, You will achieve view all.

1) TERMS (The station Railway)

It is the most important station of town Rome and a top of Europe. From this comes the season Leonardo Express, train for Fiumicino Airport.



Walking down the street Via Cavour, vemos Santa Maria Maggiore (basilica Catholic) and then S. Peter in Chains (Cavour – the nearest metro station) is a basilica of Rome, well known for hosting the mausoleum Pope Julius II, with the famous sculpture Moses, of Miguel Angel.

Cerca de S. Peter in Chains if encuentran

2) Domus Aurea y Colle Oppio

Along the Park Trajan

The Domus Aurea was a grandiose palace built by Emperor Nero in Rome behind the great Fire of the year 64. Occupied, It was calculated as, about 50 hectares.

The most important thing you have to visit is

3) Coliseum (Coliseum – the nearest metro station)

The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater built during the Roman Empire. For over 5 beasts offered centuries shows, gladiator battles and depictions of battles.

Seem interesting Villa Celimontana (a park) (going back on the streets Via Claudia and Via della Navicella), Arco Dolabella (later by Viale Spellanzon), S. Gregorio Magno (a church) and Saints John and Paul (a basilica).

Walking through Via di S. Gregorio, Do not miss

4) Palatine

Location Luperca both the wolf and the High Society Romana, Palatine Hill is considered the birthplace of the Italian capital.


Attracts much attention

5) Arch of Constantine

The Arch of Constantine was erected in the year 315 to commemorate the victory of Constantine the Great in the Battle of the Bridge Milvi. It is the most modern triumph arch Rome.


One of the most exciting places in Rome is

6) Imperial Forums

Imperial Forums are a series of extensions Roman Forum made for the end of Republican era and the top época imperial.

The complex consists of four imperial forums: Forum of Caesar, Forum of Augustus, Forum of Nerva and Forum of Trajan.



For a time Palazzo Venezia (a palace) It hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Venice. The Via del Corso It helps us reach

7) Pantheon

Built by Hadrian in the year 126, Pantheon claims to be the best preserved building of ancient Rome.


Near the Pantheon is Piazza Navona, one of the plazas most famous Rome.

The site must is

8) The Vatican

is a sovereign country whose territory consists of a enclave within the city Rome, in Italian peninsula. Here you have to see Basilica of S. Peter, Vatican museums and Guardini Vatican.


Leaving the Vatican and walking a little, we see

9) Castel Sant´Angelo

Known as Castel Sant'Angelo, Castel Sant'Angelo is a fortress located on the right bank of the Tiber River, A short distance from Vatican


Crossing the bridge Margaret Bridge, we arrived to Piazza del Popolo (Flaminio – the nearest metro station). People's Square (Town square) It is one of the most famous squares, Rome.

Down Via del Babuino, we find


10) Piazza de Spagna (Spain – the nearest metro station)

(Villa Medici and Trinity of the mountains)

Spain Square is one of the most famous squares Rome. It takes its name Spain Palace. In the square include the famous staircase that leads up to the church Trinita dei Monti and the Baroque Fountain of the Four Rivers.

Do not miss the opportunity to see

11) Fontana di Trev (Barbeini – the nearest metro station, and then the Via del Tritone)

The Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful and spectacular fountain in Rome, million people visit each year and throw a coin into the water hoping that the myth becomes reality.

Passing Quirinal (The Quirinal Palace) vamos a

12) Republic Square

It is a semicircular plaza near the Estación de Rome Termini. Around yours are the famous Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri, which consists in part of what was the Baths of Diocletian.

It is a major hub of the city, part of it because the Via Nazionale, linking the area with the central station of Piazza Venezia. Besides it is Subway Station Republic-Opera.



Thus returning to the starting point at Termini Station, We have seen the city. I hope you have liked. =)

From Fiumicino is the direct bus Terravision Fiumicino-Termini. Buses leave every 30 min. about daytime, synchronizing their outputs with the arrival of flights. The trip takes about 55 minutes and costs 4 euros.


Below you have the map with the route and points marked in red. Have a good trip!








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