Places to get free accommodation for travel

Sitios donde conseguir alojamiento gratis para viajar

Let's see where to get free hosting sites for travel

How to get free accommodation for travelers? Or at least the lower cost? Since oss like things FREE, Here I give you a list quite fleshy with many places in the world to get free accommodation when traveling!

Equal, Free is not free, but many of them all they need to change is a good cultural exchange or, As with page Couchsurfing, who do you offer your home as shelter (if you want) once they need it.


This page, of which he had already spoken in a previous post is not the most popular of all doubts and has been growing year after year with incredible speed. This thanks to the good work that walk by them, it is no longer just a place for accommodation, but a meeting place, where in most world cities do social gatherings, events and all kinds of parties to create new bonds of friendship among world travelers and local.

To see how it works this global network of accommodation, Watch the video below, where I talk in depth the topic!



Hospitality Club is an international hospitality service with almost 1.000.000 Membership in most countries of the world. A very similar to Couchsurfing page where members find accommodation in family houses, plus local search that you want to give us a hand by teaching your city:



Also in the same style as the previous, unlike that other should pay your house for travelers, It is part of the system. So if you stay a week where someone else, you must pay your home a week for others (not necessarily the same) where you come. Here I give you your site: Bed and Global Freeloaders


FREE BED BeWelcome

BeWelcome is a hospitality service online nonprofit (100% administered by its members in a transparent and democratic), which, Following the same idea, They offer and receive free accommodation. Similarly, They offer their sincere help traveler to recommend what activities do reach a place. In her participation is free and is one of more pages liking me now to get free accommodation and make new friends. Your page is: Cheap accommodation BeWelcome



Servas is a peace organization, which is based on the premise that "if people were better known, They never enter wars ". Traveling with Servas can use their free hosting services for two days and nights, or can search just what they call as "day hosts" (day hosts), who have no home to offer travelers, but give them a hand with information, guided tours, meals or just meet for a chat between friends. Your Website:



This page is excellent, it gives you the opportunity to stay at organic farms, where in exchange for your work (some 4 a 6 hours per day) will give accommodation and meals. The traveler and learn about this lifestyle and stop some everyday city life. I think everyone, whether it's a once in a lifetime, You must live an experience like this, in addition to free. I see my friends telling me to go for X or Y place to study English and I in mind I say, "But what assholes!”.

Rather they go to one of these farms in a country that speak English, and not only learn the language (even more than in the public schools in the city, surrounded by other Latinos that you will lose the talk), it also will acquire all practical knowledge that agricultural and give a welcome break from the city! I see it as something almost spiritual, to reconnect with nature in one of those many organic farms! :)

Here I give you your site (Accommodation WWOOF), I share plus a video to understand well how it works and medium imagine what will live with them:


HelpX is hosting a network like WWOOF, but not only in organic farms. With HelpX you can find free accommodation in organic or non-organic farms, B&B, ranches, houses, hostels and even boats, where in exchange for food and feed, Volunteers will help with certain tasks. Normally it is: the 2 hours just for accommodation, the 4 a 6 hours for room and board. As with WWOOF, It's a nice way to travel, as they learn not only the cultural part of the country where they, but they acquire some knowledge about the work done. Here we do have to make a payment for membership, but it is under muyyy, 20 dolaritos cada 2 years old, that's less than a dollar a month ...

I share your website (Accommodation HelpX) and a video with the testimony of a traveler in the country of kangaroos, which it is unfortunately in English. They are very popular in countries like Australia, England, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, Germany and several other European countries:

And here a list of other free hosting sites. Each has its small differences, so I recommend you enter one by one and investigate and learn. I'm sure it will be extremely useful to them, as they have been for me!

Free accommodation:

Travelelers for travelerers


Stay 4 Free



Also no free pages for accommodation only for women: Women Welcome Women World Wide.

Or just for cyclists, which is gaining much popularity lately. Several friends use it enough on their trips by bike: Warmshowers

Even, to get free accommodation for gays and lesbians: Lesbian & Gay Hospitality Exchange International


So now I have no excuses to say no because there tienesn travel money!

Share this informacóin with your contacts and if you know somewhere else leave it in the comments and we'll all enre aumetnando list!!!


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