Cheap travel to Paris

Viajar a Paris barato

We'll see as cheap Paris Travel, but without leaving aside comfort. We have created our trip to Paris as, totally on our own and considering these points. That:

  • Not cost a lot of money ( Paris is an expensive city sooo)
  • As a whole, responds to family needs ( children and members who can not walk too).
  • The accommodation is comfortable and can be cooked in it
  • Have a good value.
  • See as much of Paris as quickly

A cheap flights to Paris it's posible; And in the French capital you can enter without paying Notre Dame, the Madeleine Church, Sacred Heart, The Petit Palais ... first Sunday of the month you can free up the towers of Notre Dame, access to the Louvre and visit the Palace of Versailles. On the other hand, those under 25 years can enter for free in monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon and the Invalides throughout the year.

This trip to Paris, you can get cheaper, It is true. But, on this occasion, It was about finding a balance between what I commented above, also assessing accommodate family.



Speaking of samples, upon arriving in the commercial area after passing security checks, we got a free sample.



The was the arrival airport Orly, from there you can go to Paris in these ways:

  • private or shared transfer
  • taxi
  • Orlybus; what is a service that takes you by bus to the RER stop B Denfert Rochereau, where you can make change to Metro, bus or RER follow almost anywhere in Paris or Disneyland. The price of this service are 12,85 € per way / adult 8,25 € per way / child. You can see the info or tickets here.

We decided us book a private transfer to get from the airport to central Paris Orly why, being 5 people, the difference with the bus was minimal and made sure we make every second. No complaints, we went to and we compañíaSuperShuttle It cost 138 € round trip from the airport to the apartment door. Car, super caught, of 7 seats and the driver, who I was in costume, We were waiting at the airport with a sign, as usual. Advisable.

The Orly airport is 17 km Paris but traffic entering the city makes some evenings 45 minutes to arrive.


The accommodation was the star of stay besides the city itself. The hotels in Paris They have absolutely nothing to do with those of Spain ( if we have many good things here, including climate ). Paris hotels usually have tiny rooms and high prices.

Therefore, and going on family, We value the possibility of renting an apartment in central Paris. We could not choose better option!. These are the reasons:

  • We booked in Homeaway. They have announced very good accommodation in Paris ( and the world global more than 1 Accommodation million rent both individuals and agencies with prices ranging from 20 € per person per night). The entire transaction was smooth, not have to pay any commission. Very good experience with Homeaway, of 10!!
  • In the center, a step away from everything. 1is. Borough , with that I tell all
  • Because of its location saves time, money and energy on transfers
  • We allowed lunch / dinner at home several days with its corresponding saving.
  • Super Wide, bright, clean and comfortable
  • Better price than a hotel for the number of persons to be accommodated: in this, maximum 6. The price of this flat concrete goes 140 a 200 € / night or 700 a 1330 € / week. By dates.
  • Very friendly and helpful owner. It was she who came to give us the keys and who were in contact from just before the reservation.
  • Wifi (imperative to connect ;-))

Although the announcement see that it is not already on Homeaway, I leave the pictures also. If you plan to travel to Paris you stop by your website because you will see that of apartments in Paris you have to choose. Pity not to have recourse to them makes 10 when I went.



Prices have considerably reduced relative to the again. As passed in the drink it is enough. A beer 50 cl can cost between 6 and 11 € and a glass of wine 25 cl. about 4 the 5 €. Yes, you can always fall back on tap water, that what I read, by law you have to serve the, and it's free! By the way, Paris water is rich. This told us and the owner of the apartment the day of arrival.

Also keep in mind that almost all the bars and cafes have Happy Hour and the price of drinks is cheaper during those hours, clear. The bottom one is a beer that carries grenadine and we ate at the bar which was just below the apartment.


You can combine meals with a Mc Donald's, if you usually like. Someday breakfast or a snack there. Are more or less the same prices as in Spain. except that of the Champs Elysees Avenue was more carillo. The coffee, as usuall, more good here.

We, we had already "signed to" home supermarkets near the apartment and, as we left our bags, we went to buy. We saved money on buying meals typical French food (and others not), as French ( few tourists were seen in the supers) without complicate life. I recommend this to everyone; not only saving (tremendous!) if not for the experience itself. Most of the meals did so.




Some days you can take some preparation and tomártelo in special places, as under the Eiffel Tower. One day we ate on the steps of Sacre Coeur drawing a delicious sandwich that had a sort of fair food that smelled that fed. It was buzzing with people, outrageous, all doing the same. Cheap Eats overlooking all Paris.




Seriously, on your own you can enjoy eating with stunning views without pressing a restaurant. Ah, curiosity, the bathrooms are usually mixed.



As for the visit to the city: from home We bought the tickets the night tour to teach the city my parents on the first day. Where we found it was cheaper enFranceTourisme. The tour started from the Louvre area. I recommend this tour or day ( There followed the path or going up and down many times as you want) why without tiring too see parts of the city that, in a few days' stay, you could not see. It cost 19 € per adult and small to 50 %. To my parents, discover Paris and, It was unforgettable. Spectacular and illuminated monuments, Star touch with the Eiffel Tower just at the time of the flashes (during 5 minutes every hour).


Apart from this, the rest saw it on our own: Champs Elisées, Montmartre, Sacred Heart, Louvre, Our Lady, Tour Eiffel, Trocadero, Moulin Rouge, Les Invalides, Garden Touleries, Jardin du Champs de- Mars, arc du Triomph, The church of the Madeleine, Phanteon, Centre Pompidou, City hall, Opera, Galeries Lafayette, Place de la Bastille, Place Vendôme, Pont des Arts ....


Disneyland, why we chose to escape to Paris although the park dedicated to him one day only. The park is the dream of the kids, We go from there. The illusion on their faces when they see their favorite characters, those who have accompanied them from an early age both books and toys or film, worth everything.


But nevertheless, personally, Disneyland believe can improve in these areas (I influenced not know if it was low season): the bathrooms were filthy, oil fatal. To see princesses and take a picture with them you have to do a tail, in our case was 75 minutes but sometimes it can be more than 300. No matter the queue when our children have peeeroooo illusion ... tail and do not know what you're gonna get princess. I think for the price you would have to enter the park to choose which view, if you have a preference for one or the other. I saw families that made a queue behind other just to give to the princess that her daughters liked.

The characters are not too accessible. In specific hours are indicated in the program, They are located in a particular place, waiting in line to photograph you ( or me to sign the book of signatures, or talk to him / her, because the truth is that you take the time) but no guarantees that, when you go to play the turn, They have not changed the character. We happened to Minnie. After waiting, replaced by Stitch the movie Lilo and Stitch (come on, have nothing to do).

The entradas a Disneyland, directly at the park that day cost € 88 for the two parks (Disneyland y Disney Studios). If shopping (in Spanish), will cost 80 € day / adult / 2 parks and 65 € day / adult / 1 park. There are several ways to get them cheaper, in FranceBillet, (you can print at home, you send them or pick them up there) o bien en That's where we bought our, intarifa MINI (I tell below) costing:60€ day / adult / 2 parks and 45€ day / adult / 1 park. The girl paid € 39.

To be clear about what we need to know to buy tickets there are several types, on one side if they are to 1 or 2 parks and, for another, si son MINI, MAGIC o SUPERMAGIC, this results in low season, medium and high ( the web's where you go to buy the calendar to have you see it). This is where the difference of buying in or, O that are FranceBillet in Spain ( You can not select a date and will sell only the Supermagic (that is to say, the mask).

If you are shopping through will ask an address in France for registration(we put the apartment ... shhh). If you go in mid season you will pay the price of the MAGIC, what is: 55€ / adult / 1parque, 70€ / adult / 2parques. In any case, as prices may be changing I recommend you enter the sites I mention you up for sure.

The meals at Disneyland they are not expensive. We were surprised. We ate at the home of Pinocchio ( At Chalet Marionette), a menu of burger and fries or half chicken and potatoes or salad, drink and dessert. It costs about 3 € more than Burger King, e.g., but it is super-rich, like you're eating at Disneyland and you include dessert. I found it very well. I chart photo photo but among so I have not found ( when it appears, I'll update).


Anyway, You can get food and drink, by what we saw and what mom told us we had before queuing for princesses. They look at the bags at the entrance but let you in food. The same mother told us that they were staying in a hotel near Disneyland that has free bus to the park. It went very well priced, I asked immediately to tell thee the name and was the Hotel Circus.

Souvenirs, toys and other Disneyland. Eye because some cheaper cost enDisneyStore. We bought the girl a kit characters Frozen and web out for 2 € less (Clearly there will have to reach the minimum for leaving you free shipping).



You can go on transfer, bus, taxi o en RER. On this trip we Shuttle laid hands again, para ir a Disneyland. This time with Mytaxiparis. With them we are not happy, the first day was delayed 1 hour 15 minutes to take and, to bring, we were waiting on a site that was not what we had been told, another lost time. This web think that makes booking center and will transfer sending different companies, It is feeling lucky. The first was an edge and turn, although there had been waiting where the first had told us ( I think it was more the fault of info we gave the first), It was very nice.

Sure I let many things that will be adding as they coming to my mind. As I said on Facebook, I really liked the area for families having Orly airport with: the sofa area to watch movies with the kids, tables and chairs for painting, lactation room, room for diapering, interactive games ....


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