Ryanair Boarding: tricks for controlling hand luggage

Embarque de Ryanair: trucos para el control de equipaje de mano


Embarque de Ryanair: trucos para el control de equipaje de mano

In the Ryanair boarding, Vueling and Easyjet how I can pass control of hand luggage without any fees?

I'm flying with Ryanair I'm afraid to get to the door, Ryanair do if I have to pay my luggage did not fit well into the iron box or if they get to invent any excuse for me 40 the 50 € para la way.

How I can I avoid charging for baggage at the door control Ryanair ? Is there a trick to overcome the control of hand luggage smoothly put you in the door of Ryanair? It is impossible to organize trips with their sorrows bargain …

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“The iron box, Where the suitcase is placed on Ryanair”. That's how we know. The thing that makes us spend nerves until we sat on the plane, why paste put even if the luggage is not comfortably fit in the luggage carrier .

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The fact is that until you have passed the shipment of Ryanair, They have loaded the suitcase on the plane and that has clasped praying that the linerboard is not broken, it can not be quiet: if the hand luggage suitcase does not fit, I would pay a 40 € for invoicing the suitcase at the door of Ryanair . What a way to start or end a holiday! Each year we flew with Ryanair tell us: “I return to fly with Ryanair”, but next year we are there giving all. With fear in the body to do the send queue. This year is not so much fear, you will have some Home tricks to overcome the baggage control the door Ryanair, Vueling and Easyjet :

Ryanair hand luggage measures, Easyjet and Vueling

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If you are not sure that your luggage meets the measures, make it smooth.

We recommend that if you are not sure that your bag will fit into the rigid metal support using the Ryanair departure control measure luggage (or carton also used often), if you opt for option- take a soft bag to redistribute content if once there you realize that the suitcase will not fit in the iron structure that will in.

Avoid backpacks, sports bags and backpacks.

In the Ryanair boarding, rucksacks and sports bags detonate the alarm hostesses in charge of making the control of hand luggage . If you receive this type of luggage in the iron box Ryanair certainly fits smoothly, but if instead of famous metal box, pull the carton … Tremble. The problem with these backpacks is to be completely smooth vertical of his weight, It rests on the bottom, stomach forming a small backpack. When the test is done hand control carton with Ryanair, require the box and out without problems and that does not deform , and usually do not allow testing with backpack lying.

Use what's package.

This is the classic trick to save the Ryanair boarding penalty for carrying a hand luggage larger than allowed. But nevertheless, It is a resource that all go when it's too late. As they advised them about traveling with hand luggage only: 12 Tricks; flight day, wear clothes that stand out and takes her hand over allowances that take up more space : put on your hiking boots, It used on the arm of the jacket or coat, even in summer (pillow can be used in the plane), and hat to go to the beach.

Michael O'leary, President of Ryanair, se parece a Mr Bean.

Book and pad in hand.

As desvelábamos in traveling with hand luggage only 12 Tricks if you bring a book with you, remove it and take it in your hand during shipment of Ryanair . As usuall, They tend to not say anything because you understand that you get the bag of books to read on the plane. do the same with other “air travel accessories” as a cushion or pillow.

Leave room for the bag in your suitcase.

If you are carrying a bag out of hand baggage to have their documents, phone, handbag, etc; leaves room in the suitcase for him within, because it is more likely that Ryanair boarding what to put in your hand luggage, and if not make you check your suitcase . (And pay for it, course).

If there is no space for suitcase or bag, put fanny.

This trick is no longer necessary because now Ryanair can carry a bundle of small hand (bag, souvenir bag, etc).

If your suitcase is so full that there is no place to put the bag, grab a backpack to carry your personal affects (also known as things that do not fit in the luggage case) and take it placed on the waist. Try to get a long shirt that day, loose, Ryanair and boarding (when the stewardess start making control of hand luggage) arm hang a jacket or coat to cover the back . In Tips and Tricks this trick to pass control of hand luggage Ryanair boarding smoothly work 100% of the time , and unfortunately we have traveled a lot with this lowcost company.

Embarque de Ryanair: lleva riñonera.

Yes. There are beautiful back and fashionable.

Changing bag pockets momentarily.

If you're in a hurry with space, do not fit the bag in your suitcase and do not want to risk carrying a concealed as we advised you before, or if you've caught your backpack (that we do not bum us never happened): empty your purse or backpack, store it in the bag and put the contents of the bag into the pockets a jacket or jersey and pants. Once you have passed the control door luggage Ryanair, You can reopen the case, remove the bag and put back his belongings he.

If you were to check a bag on record, keep hidden hand luggage.

If you are taking a lot of luggage and decided to review a case and take another as hand luggage, You can not play: Keep the bag hidden hand luggage during check in at the counter of Ryanair (if accompanied, I stay away from the table) and do not tell them to take luggage; otherwise you will regret suitcase to check that complies with regulations on baggage weight (10 kg en Ryanair), and if your suitcase or backpack weighs more than 10 kg, we will pay for each additional kg or you have to take things in the same.

In the airport, look for an iron box Ryanair and practice.

At the airport check-in area always seems to be some kind of iron structure that Ryanair used to check hand luggage meets your measures stipulated. If it is not, sure to find one in any shipment of Ryanair, Once past the airport security checkpoint. Locate one of the metal boxes and Check if your suitcase and out easily . Otherwise, They do not take anything and let his teammates (if someone has accompanied you to the airport) or not to reorganize the content thereof and practice how to put it and remove it in the best way possible. The dreaded metal box Ryanair boarding

Be the first shipment of Ryanair.

Trying to be the first to queue at the door of Ryanair; on the contrary if you are the past and ensure that the problems with the case, They have little or no time to remove or rearrange things and you do pay by check at the door suitcase.

Suitcase meter setback in the apparatus of metal bars.

If your suitcase is accessible and make it the unit metal bars during shipment compliance with the measures of Ryanair; put it in reverse. Therefore, the wheels are out of the holder and they are not only more likely to enter, but also prevent breakage if the wheels get stuck. Most people who pay to check your bag at the door why Ryanair, being that many bags comply with the measures (55x40x20 en Ryanair), but without wheels , often they project from the case. I arguing with a stewardess passenger boarding Ryanair You can see similar items Boarding Ryanair: tricks to control the luggage section Bargain Travel



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