Tourism in Slovenia: 17 tips and curiosities

Turismo en Eslovenia: 17 consejos y curiosidades

What I have to keep in mind for sightseeing in Slovenia?

I travel to Slovenia summer vacation and I wonder if I need to bring something special or if there are things I need to know for my trip; since I've never been there and do not know anyone who has gone.

Could you give me some advice and recommendations for sightseeing in Slovenia ?

Bargain Travel Tips:

Slovenia is a country that is not yet very touristy, at least in Spain, it is not a very popular destination. If you have chosen to make tourism in Slovenia, It will surely be because you appreciate nature and enjoy a relaxing holiday, therefore, You will surely come in handy these tips for traveling to Slovenia

Tourism in Slovenia: Lake Bled

Lago Bled. imagen.

Not giving two kisses greet.

Slovenia greets people do not give kisses, even among friends; so if you have made friends in Slovenia, when are you going to say hello or goodbye to them, owe to shake hands if you do not want to be uncomfortable.

Tourism in Slovenia: How to greet.

food dishes are abudantes.

When you are eating in a restaurant in Slovenia, Consider this: the dishes are hearty. When we say that the abundance, to say that they are easily 2 people, so we can share a plate No problem: you will not leave hungry. Notes tricks like these, since they depend on bargain organize trips, not only the price of tickets and accommodation!

For cheap eats in restaurants in Slovenia, ir de 12h a 13h.

During the week, most non-tourist restaurants offering the call “lunch”, created especially for the office. It consists 2 dishes for the modest price 4 € . If you are one of those who eat little, ask for the “lunch” in any restaurant and enjoy the power cheap eats in Slovenia !

slovenia tourism: typical food of slovenia

Car Hire in Slovenia is much cheaper.

Car hire in Ljubljana , the capital of Slovenia, It is much cheaper than renting in Italy or Croatia, so if you want to also visit these countries, you should rent a car in Slovenia. For more information, Click here.

If you're traveling to Slovenia by car, You must acquire the bullet.

To drive on roads and highways across the Slovenian territory, They have a figure of “bala”. There is the option to pay a toll when on a highway in Slovenia, but previously said bullet ( vignette Slovenian), it has to be at least monthly to be acquired.

Si vas a travel to Slovenia by car we suggest you buy it, as it is very difficult to avoid highways and police monitors much this aspect, so we can gain a good fine . If you rent a car for sightseeing in Slovenia, they will charge the same bullet (about 3 € a day, by company). For more information about the bullet, Click here.

slovenia tourism: the vinjeta or bullet

There is a private shuttle lowcost.

If you're traveling to Slovenia, but the flight arrives at the airport in Trieste or another neighboring country, use the shuttle GoOpti. it is cheap, fast and safe. For more information, check How to go from Trieste to Ljubljana.

slovenia tourism: goopti

Most parking are free the first 60 minutes.

If you are touring by car Slovenia, you will notice outdoor parking in all cities. Most of these parks are free the first 60 0 90 minutes, so if you're going to be out there, even go back and get another ticket.

Slovenia is an ideal country for travel by bike.

If you like the experience of traveling by motorcycle, Slovenia revolves mounted one will be a good and enjoyable experience many motorists passing through Slovenia motorcycle (especially by Julian Alps), so you're welcome. For more information motorcycle travel to Slovenia , you can check specializes in motorcycle tours in the Europa website.

be suitable Rooms the Apartments .

In Slovenia, as the culture there private accommodation in Croatia. So if you do not like to plan ahead, You find budget accommodation in Slovenia unreservedly in advanced. Just look at what houses have the poster Rooms (room) the Apartments (apartment) and ask price.

Note that it is the cheapest accommodation in Slovenia outside and not inside the villages, and also surely be more beautiful houses and country.

In the houses they have to take your shoes .

If you are touring in Slovenia and is looking to stay at home of any particular note, be polite You must remove their shoes to enter and leave them at the door.

You can go barefoot or in socks, or maybe even meet some house slippers ready for you by the door. As in Japan, It is considered dirty and rude enter someone's home without shoes.

slovenia tourism in sobes and apartmajis

You can drink tap water.

If anything is left over to Slovenia freshwater (and one of the few countries that can speak). Further Slovenia water is safe to drink So do not waste money on bottled water for their trips. They are filled with tap water and not notice the difference

blinds let in light.

If you are one of those who like to sleep completely in the dark and otherwise awaken with the first rays of light, he gets into a suitcase sleep mask or cover the eyes with a handkerchief. In Slovenia most of the houses have shutters, but its function is not to leave the room dark.

Tourism in Slovenia, Things to keep in mind

Slovenia is part of the European Union.

This means that if you're European, for tourism in Slovenia you can go with your DAYS and also it means that you should not change currency, and they are operating with euros .

Prices are a bit lower than in Spain.

If you're worried that travel to Slovenia is whether expensive or not, do not worry: Tourism in Slovenia is cheaper than in Spain . There is a big difference, but note. For example:
In Slovenia a latte costs € 1.10 the € 1,20 (and usually they bring a glass of water next), an ice cream scoop costs 1 € everywhere and a meal for two people (2 plates and 2 beverages) It cost us € 26 en Bled.

In terms of cultural inputs, the ticket to see the Vintgar is 4 € per person . E.g..

slovenia tourism: Prices

They discount to students in cultural visits.

If you are considering a career, do not forget bring your student card , either college. We will apply a discount on all tickets for cultural visits. If you do not have and are young, question He tells you that you forgot in Spain often it works.

“c” if preliminary “ch” .

That is, The Soca river is pronounced [Statue] and all the words with that letter is pronounced the same. Keep this in mind for sightseeing in Slovenia, because if you ask for directions or order something from the menu and it is pronounced as a “c”, no one will understand!

it rains a lot, but over.

Even if you are traveling to Slovenia in summer always wearing a raincoat in backpack . Easily you will fall a shower of a day preceded and followed by the sun; and although it will not last long, it will fall hard.

slovenia tourism: Lake bled a rainy day

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