How to save on your travels (II)

Cómo ahorrar en tus viajes (II)

A few days ago we talked about how to save on your travels with tips that every tourist should consider. As well, today the second part of the information necessary to bring before planning a vacation.

  • gastos Planner . Questions about which city to travel? It depends on the type of tourism they want to achieve or the age of the family members the cost of the holiday , o well. E.g., if you want to visit museums is preferable to travel to London as the most interesting are free. Plan a projects costs monuments that you do not want to lose and decantaros for any destination.
  • car / taxi Share. When both moved away from the airport to accommodation or if you are going to go after different points of your destiny, assess car sharing option . Further, there are several pages to plan your route and book a place in a car, you always have the option raise other tourists when at your destination. that is to say, when you get off the plane to ask fellow travelers if they want to share with you and your partner a taxi.
  • Sleeping Free . One technique They are traveling without pay It is sleep free . In both the virtual community of Couchsurfing who offer their rooms and tourists who want to travel the world in search of a sofa or bed are free. Although this technique suffers from lack of privacy, It is perfect for observe to new people.
  • Stopping. The flight from his place of departure and your destination is expensive? Have you thought stopover? I applied to most of my trips. I live in Zaragoza and offers low cost is very low, so to save choose to make stops Rome, Brussels or London; I'm two cheapest one in my city. For some it may be more 'rampage’ but for me it's the perfect excuse to spend a day or two in this beautiful European capitals.
  • Mix flights . In the same way, often better to leave flights from different companies in return. You can apply the technique to scale and see two tourist destinations in themselves and make a direct return to their city. It is losing a bit of time looking at all the possibilities, but there is a better waste of time that applies to organize a trip?
  • Kitchen You . We all like to go to set the table, but we also know that is not the cheapest in the world … So if you want to save on your next vacation locates the nearest supermarket arrival. Of course, also you must first choose accommodation, allowing you to cook your mism @ (apartment, camping, apartments …)
  • Luggage only . As you know, airlines can charge luggage invoiced, so be sure to check the weight of the box if it is not going to charge not exceeding the set. Find the weather in advance and that the weather will do in your destination and take only the necessary elements.
  • wifi connection . And finally, and that is really essential, uses Free wifi connection . What City McDonalds? And now, What McDonalds is no free wifi? Internet searches that areas of the city are not open connection and save money on your trip.

With our tricks section low cost travel will save around the world!

You can also find deals that offer Internet as Reservation the Catch .

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