Pass water bottles in the airport control

Published 3 August 2013, by Tips and Tricks


Can I move a bottle of water in controlling airport security?

Soon I'll catch a flight and have a question regarding fluid restriction airport . I know you can not pass liquids or gels over 100 ml, but I'm not sure that this restriction also applies to liquid water: I can pass a bottle of water for the control of airport security


The issue of water bottles at the airport is one of the most anger since. Before we all went to the airport with our bottle of water at home , he drank that crossed the checkpoint until they got off the plane; But nevertheless, Now you have to fill his belly with water before going through security and saliva to hydrate until you reach your destination, or pay the price of gold water.

The fact is that it is true that you can not pass liquids over 100ml. for security checks; not even water to drink while waiting for the flight near the door or on the plane. But what we can do is go with the empty containers larger capacity. Namely: You can spend an empty water bottle for control of airport security No problem, and then fill in the bathroom (if the water is potable in the country where you are).

This is because many will seem a little perroflauta or excessive, but for those who are used to drinking tap water and it hurts cubata pay the price of water , It should not be a big problem. Just put a 0.5l empty water bottle in your hand luggage. If you take 1l perhaps you may have trouble finding a sink where it fits under the tap.

Once past control, you can go to any airport bathrooms and fill the bottle of water that have been empty for security checks.

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