Travel kit for aircraft: how to prepare


Preparing the travel kit aircraft hand luggage?

I'll fly with Ryanair, Vueling and Easyjet and I intend to travel with luggage to check the spare suitcase. The problem is that it will always make the travel kit just getting too much and then there is hardly space for the rest.

You can give me some tricks to prepare the travel kit, space in the luggage of the aircraft ?

There 9 homemade tricks to prepare a travel kit for air transport unbilled

Choose a small vanity.

As we mentioned in traveling with hand luggage only 12 Tricks, The best trick to make your vanity does not occupy much space in hand luggage it is to choose a small vanity and just stick to what we fit into it; starting essential as toothbrush, comb or deodorant and ending with “extras” such as makeup, cologne or aftershave. Wear this standard: If not fit, no entrar


Buy products target will need more.

shampoo, gel, crema solar, aftersun … there are things you will buy cheaper destination, in addition to the standards of liquids on board will leave not pass liquids, creams or gels over 100 ml. But nevertheless, below are some alternatives if not to buy any vessel not end then.


You dispense gel and shampoo if you go to a hotel.

(Rhyme!). Si te vas a dormir en un hotel, use gel shampoo and usually put in the bathroom. On the other hand, keeps the cans facilities even if it is empty; in the next trick we explain why.

fill facilities with cosmetics you will need a small amount.

There are products like moisturizer or whose boats are cleaning 100ml milk, so there are no problems would take on the plane as hand luggage, but they really only need about 20 ml during the whole trip.

If you want to take with you these products without taking up much space in your travel kit? Do not miss deceive home: sampling from small boats or facilities and fill hotel (remember to label them to remember what really drives each).

Taking samples of perfumes and other cosmetics.

Save samples of cologne and makeup that occur in fashion magazines, perfumes and cosmetics centers; and include in your travel kit when you have to carry in your hand luggage, instead of his usual bottle of cologne or makeup. Can you save space in your travel kit because not only avoid bringing more than you really need, you can get rid of small jars and envelopes as you go using.

Also, avoid breaking your product or misplaced. Apply this to other samples: moisturizing cream, aftersun , mascara, etc.

Buy 100ml shampoo.

Si vas a make a short trip and not to bring a bottle of shampoo purchased in the destination and then having to pull media, buy a shampoo or travel 100ml 75ml. They come in different brands and can be found in pharmacies and drugstores. Alternatively, as he mentioned earlier, fill a bottle facilities with your regular shampoo; and below shows an alternative.

“shrink” containers of gel and cream 125ml.

If your problem is that the creams and gels that want to take on the plane are 125ml, It has a trick to reduce the size of the gel and cream containers 125ml and upload them without problem on the plane as hand luggage. You can see it in: Gel and cream on the flat board on 100 ml


Filling containers 100 ml o menos.

If you do not want to have to buy anything at the destination, because they prefer to carry it all home, join this trick to prepare the power travel kit and put it in the hand luggage of the aircraft look at what you have bottles in the country with a capacity of 100 ml and fill with your shampoo, gel, sunscreen and after sun.

You can use refillable containers for cosmetics, even small plastic Tupperware to put soy sauce to bring in Chinese restaurants.

Replace the gel with a bar of soap.

Hardly anyone used bars of soap for the shower, but the truth is that the trips are as comfortable and practical. A soap yields more a jar of gel and occupies and weighs much less. Further, It can also be used to wash underwear as you need while traveling (trick explained in this home:. hand luggage 12 tricks to fit all

Of course, Keep in mind that we have to dry the soap well before storing, or put it in a little dish soap, box or bag, so it does not stain vanity.

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