Visit the ramparts of Dubrovnik

Visita a las murallas de Dubrovnik


The city of Dubrovnik It is located south of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. In 1979, the ancient city of Dubrovnik (the walled enclosure) It was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco . The Walls of Dubrovnik They are a major local city. The fortification is present in many tours around the city.

Lord Byron I was so fascinated by the beauty of Dubrovnik it described as “Pearl of the Adriatic”.


History of Dubrovnik 5 minutes
Current city in the seventh century was a city on the island of Laus reached by its inhabitants fleeing army Slavic invasions. The name of the city has changed over time to reach Ragusa. In the ninth century it was one of the most important ports in the region and became the Republic of Ragusa. Originally the city lies on the island, it was later in the twelfth century, when the channel that separates the island with the coast filled. Dubrovnik was unified in a single territory and the channel became the most important artery of the old town. Street plate (on the Stradun)

It was not until the fourteenth century, when it was renamed Dubrovnik. The earthquake 1667 destroyed much of the city and despite the reconstructions could never regain former glory.

Napoleon took the city and 1808 the Republic of Ragusa ceased to exist in 1815 be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and 1929, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

In 1991, residents voted in a referendum for self-determination by the Republic of Croatia, which he led to the declaration of war by the Serbs and Montenegrins majority in the army. More of 30.000 people had to leave their homes besieged the city for months. Peace finally came and the city of Dubrovnik got up and prosper.

Visit the Wall of Dubrovnik

The walled enclosure has a perimeter of 1,9 km and a height of up to 22 meters, some sections of the wall are original to the X century, although most is for centuries until the sixteenth century. The wall remains intact and 16 torres, two fortifications and 4 bastions.


The entrance through the Pile Gate

is the gateway to the ancient city, in front are the main bus stops and taxis.



You can pay for a ticket to tour the perimeter of the city from above, There are three entrances to the wall, through the door of the cell in the Fortress of San Juan and Fort San Lucas, but usually, tickets and begin the tour in the battery door.




A current curiosities of the wall are the two bars that can be found in them. Admission is through walls and once on the other side you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Adriatic. The site is called Cafe Buza and only serves beverages. A good place to jump into the water from the rocks if you like excitement. The price a little expensive, but you pay for the view and if you do not want do not need to consume no more than having to sit on the rocks.


There 2 bars in the wall and are quite close to each other … just follow the wall until you reach the door, do not be afraid and cross.


In these bars serve drinks only, but if you're hungry you can see here:


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