Visit to the Cologne Cathedral and the City

Visita a la Catedral de Colonia y el Ayuntamiento

Visit the Cologne Cathedral It is a must if you travel to this city. It is the icon of Cologne and its height is impressive. The Admission is free but be aware that during mass close to almost everything inside, leaving only part of the entrance for visitors.

Visit to the Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Presa It is the largest cathedral Germany . It was built over a period of more than 600 years old (300 years leave their construction). It is dedicated to St. Peter and the Virgin Mary. The Cathedral was declared a cultural heritage site by UNESCO. The sacred monument was built in 1248 to house the remains (relics) the Magi from the East. Your height is 154 meters .


Cologne Cathedral is one of the largest Gothic churches in the world. It has about 10.000 m² of stained glass created more than eight centuries. The oldest window is the year 1260.


Admission is free . But nevertheless, to enter the tower if you pay around 3 € per person and raise 533 steps. They enter the treasure chamber of the cathedral are about 5 € Open .Horario: November to April / 06 a.m.-7 p.m. From May to October / 06 a.m.-9 p.m.


You have several points in the city where the cathedral is. One of the best and most photographed is on the Rhine from the other side of the bridge Hohenzollern .


The history of Colonia

Cologne has 2000 year history. It dates back to the 57th. C., when Julius Caesar gets conquer the territory of the Rhine. The river was the border between the Roman Empire and the Germanic peoples.

Cologne develops between the tenth and sixteenth in the largest and richest city in Germany. Its inhabitants wanted to build The world's largest church and they laid the first stone 1248, but construction was interrupted almost 300 years old.
Late XVIII century Napoleon occupied the city (1794-1814). He then came under the control of Prussia (1814-1918). With industrialization, the city became one of the drivers of Germany and the third largest city in the country. It is for this reason that the city was 95% destroyed during World War II. For the full story in the best place is the Museum of the City of Cologne Arsenal . You can see this and others in the post: Museums Cologne


The historic city of Cologne

In German the “The Historic Town Hall in Cologne ‘ It is Germany's oldest town hall dating 1150. During 130 statues decorate the facade. Amidst the town hall square and covered by a glass pyramid you can see the foundations of medieval Mikwe, Jewish ritual bath twelfth century.


On the west side of the tower (Alter Markt side) You can see below the clock, a carved head calls “Place Jabeeck” there since the fifteenth century. Town Hall Square 2


In addition to these two essential points of the colony it has much more to do. If you travel to a couple of days to this city I recommend places Low Cost Android App Guide or publish Attractions in Cologne? Guide for a weekend trip

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