Europe adventure travel Where to go?

Viajes de aventura por Europa ¿Donde ir?

Travel siempre ha sido una necesidad para buena parte de los seres humanos. Discover new destinations, new cultures, new people, new ways of thinking, talking or feeling. Curiosity has been the engine of the biggest tours of the history of mankind and thanks to these trips today we live in a global world. Europe is not just a small continent, Europe are 50 nations is a distinct cultural and geographical entity at the same time one of the most diverse places per square meter worldwide. Europe is usually a destination for a variety of types of tourism. Tourism types most commonly practiced in Europe are of a cultural tourism, Sun and beach tourism, rural tourism and gastronomic tourism. Are all different types of cars that contrast with each other while complement. Urban tourism of the major European capitals, with a marked cultural orientation, where the main attractions are to see great monuments, Museums and art, attend the theater, etc. Gastronomic tourism, where France and Spain are among the most sought after destinations, with dozens of restaurants internationally recognized for its exquisite dishes. Rural tourism in mountainous and remote areas, like the Alps, the Pyrenees or the Black Forest in Germany, much more common than at first may seem zones. And of course the sun and beach tourism along the Mediterranean as quoted in southern Africa, with its main exponents in Spain, Greeks Italy.


Sin embargo dentro de la diversidad que caracteriza a Europe y atendiendo la gran variedad de tipos de turismo que podemos practicar, we notice that despite the availability of resources, one of the lesser known is the turismo de aventura. With adventure we refer to active tourism aimed at sports and activities higher or lower risk in full wild nature. There is an extensive on offer to practice this type of tourism, however, in the most frequented areas and confined to the area of ​​western Europe, destinations are usually crowded with tourists. One of these examples are routes for hiking or trekking. No doubt there are hiking trails of great beauty in Western Europe, with excellently preserved natural landscapes, but as happens in the sun and beach destinations, These destinations are also overcrowded due to the large influx of tourists, contributing negatively to the quality of experience. Mainly the type of tourist interested in this type of activity, They are tourists who enjoy nature and those who do not like too large crowds of people so it is no wonder they do not feel entirely comfortable going to traditional circuits of active tourism in Western Europe.
However all is not lost. Europe has an ace in the hole called "Eastern Europe”. For historical issues tourism development in Eastern Europe it has been lower and their fates are little known by the general public. This is the case of the Balkan countries which usually have a very negative view, mainly derived from the Balkan wars that occurred in the years 90.


the Balkans comprende a todos los países ubicados en lo que se conoce como península de los Balcanes. This includes the countries of the former Yugoslavia who were at war in the 90, but also others such as Bulgaria, of Greece, part of Turkey, part of Romania, or even a part of northern Italy.


In the Balkan countries we will find some of the best places in the world to practice active tourism. This is the case of , because of its characteristics it is the ideal place, the reasons are varied, are little crowded destinations of tourists, are populated countries whose population is also concentrated in large cities, and they have extensive natural territory. In the case of Bulgaria is a predominantly mountainous country, Centrally tour of the mountains of the central Balkans and a temperate climate ideal for outdoor tourism especially in autumn and spring. In the case of Bulgaria has a 35% natural territory with some level of protection, either as a nature reserve or national park.


Another advantage over other destinations, is the price. Standard of living in these countries lower than in Western Europe so traveling and enjoying a holiday in the Balkans will be really economical.


Further, despite the low tourist flow, It has the necessary tourism infrastructure to reach the places where you can practice different types of active tourism in safety.


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