Viaje low cost: Weekend in Bologna


With the flights' low cost’ , a Bologna It has become the more economic and tourist destinations to see in Italy. Besides being the city par excellence of students, and hence where “whole economy” It is on the agenda which it has a variety of attractions worth a visit for the extensive and varied Italian heritage.


  • Plaza de Neptuno . On arrival at Bologna it's best to leave our bags in the house, preferably in silence in the city center, and visit the bustling town square: Plaza de Neptuno. There are street performers, hundreds of tourists are photographed before the statue of the God of the Sea and a library that has toilets and free wifi.
  • Introduction of San Petronio . In the same square is the Basilica of San Petronio, whose access is free and is the most important religious temple town. it's okay! Remember to keep shoulders and knees covered; It is a place of worship …
  • Arch Ginnasio . Can you imagine visiting one of the oldest schools in the world? Free access is also Archiginnasio Bologna, where you can see the site of this ancient university; It also has inside public restrooms.
  • Hasta la Asinelli torre. And to finish the first day in Bologna, Playing climb the Asinelli Tower for the characteristic red roofs of the city. Yes, the price is 3 per person and about 500 steps …



  • Channels' hidden’ . Did you know that under Bologna there are numerous channels that have been hidden by the urbanization of the city? Via Piella see one of these picturesque canals reminiscent of the beautiful Venice.
  • Parque Montagnola . Sunday is the perfect day to buy a delicious Italian ice cream and try the Montagnola park; It is in the center of Bologna and is one of the most important.
  • Shopping . And with him a large street market in which hundreds of clients “snoop” and buy at the best price mounts. You can also go shopping in the wide Via Bologna Independence, the main artery of the city and where to find all kinds of shops.


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