What watch for free (or almost) en Tallin?

¿Qué ver gratis (o casi) en Tallin?

What to see in Tallinn? Do you travel soon to Estonia? World Heritage Tallinn from 1997 and many of its buildings are medieval. Easy to get around the center and is not very big, many of the buildings have been restored and abundance of cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Tallinn's Old Town is divided into two: The top or Cerro Catedral “Toompea” (where authorities living in the past) and the bottom or Old Town “Old Town” historically the ancient city.

attractions and monuments in Tallinn free (or almost)

The city of Tallinn and its square ( Town Hall Square

): This large square historically served as a market and meeting place, and it was the site of at least one execution. The original hall was built in the fourteenth century, but much of the building that stands today dates from the fifteenth century. On the facade there are two dragon-shaped gargoyles colors dating from the seventeenth century. See the calendar on the website: www.tallinn.ee/raekoda


The 'Vana Thomas’ (Old Thomas) : One of the most popular icons of the city. Located in the Town Hall tower from 1530. Symbol considered the city guard. Every spring there was an archery contest. They were down wooden parrot. Legend has it that a year, a brave young man named Thomas humble family participated and won. After the guard named apprentice and became a soldier. Later years, the inhabitants of the town realized that the shape of a soldier with a mustache palette city council was much like his hero occurred and called Old Thomas.

The Raeapteek pharmacy: It does not. 11 the square is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe. At least since 1422 It has been in service without interruption! You can go to see his little exposure fully free .


Catedral de Alexander Nevsky : Located in the Toompea. Stunning Orthodox cathedral that dominates the city, with black colored domes. Neo-Byzantine style, It was built in the late nineteenth century, at the time when the territory of Estonia belonged to the Russian Empire. Opened in 1900. Admission is free (but you can not take pictures of the inside).


In many ways the city can see the remains of the wall and is beautifully preserved, You should also walk down the street “Pikkjalg” in it you will see the buildings pertenecieros city guilds, you can see that:

Church of St. Olaf : it is believed that the first building was built in the twelfth century at the time was 155 meters long and was the tallest building in Europe. The entrance to the church is free alone 2 euros and can go up and get a view of 360 degree city of Tallinn. Amazing!

points freer view of the city are Mirador Court the Mirador Patkuli and you can see in:


Church of the Holy Spirit : This church is the clock on its facade, It is the oldest public clock of Estonia belonging to the seventeenth century. Inside the altarpiece (Admission is not free) instead They can enter for free at the Cathedral of Santa Maria see hanging in the walls of the coat of arms of families buried there woodcarvings.

Parliament : Right in front of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral is the Parliament of Estonia. Baroque building.


Freedom Square : This large square is a symbol of the Estonia's independence . Here begins the part of the new area.


A good time to stop eating something can be if you are near Kompressor a hangout for locals and few tourists in a giant serving crepes at good prices. Both sweet and savory! if you want other cheap places you can see:

Rotermann quarter : Very close to the old town of Tallinn, They were old factories have been renovated and turned the place into one of the most modern areas of the city. If you like modern architecture stop here!


If you like shopping you can visit the center craft stores or St. Catherine's Passage, plus you can see some markets

For some of the city can take the tram and approach Kadriorg Palace and Garden: It was the former residence of the president of Estonia. The building was built by Peter the Great for his wife Catherine I, 1718. It is now a museum, but you can stroll through the gardens at your leisure.


And last but not least transport in Tallinn. If you arrive by ferry has it easy because the terminal is very close to the city and can walk. If you arrive at the airport you can see: Tallinn Transport and how to get Lennart Meri airport


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