What to see in Cologne? Guide for a weekend trip

¿Qué ver en Colonia? Guía para un viaje de fin de semana

Attractions in Cologne? Attractions, museums, viewpoints, monuments … All this and more in this Guide little weekend trip to Germany . Cologne was once a Roman colony (hence its name) and because of its good location on the Rhine was important enough provincial capital.

Then I'll show you some of the attractions in Cologne that are worth visiting:

Churches and Landmarks Cologne

The icon It is the cathedral of Cologne saw must travel to visit this city.


You have more information here. visit the cathedral and the City

In the city you will see towers, doors and numerous findings from Roman times. Some of the historic gates of the fortress of Colonia are Eigelsteintorburg / Hahnentorburg / Severin Great Burg / Ulrepforte


The Church of St. Gereon is a of the great works of the Romanesque. (V-XIII centuries). Open Monday to Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday 13:00-18:00. (Bottom right image)


Gürzenich ” (up to the left) is a building almost completely destroyed by World War II and later rebuilt. It was built as a celebration hall between 1441 and 1447 in Gothic style by medieval emperors they were crowned in Aachen, a 70 km. It is a cultural center with an important role in the civic life of the city. Address: Martin Road 29-37, 50667 Cologne, Germany

Museums Cologne

Cologne museums are many and varied topics. From the carnival to World War II, the history of the city or the chocolate museum … It has something for everyone. If you like art or history can visit the Römisch-Germanic Museum, the Ludwig Museum and the Wallraf-Richartz Museum. If you prefer something more fun stop by the Museum chocolate the Perfume Museum.

Eau de Cologne La historia 4711 “

It is in this city that was manufactured for the first time “Cologne” in 1705. Discover the place where the famous fragrance born Eau de Cologne 4711 ‘ in Glockengasse. When Cologne was occupied by the French, Napoleon ordered his soldiers to count buildings. building Eau de Cologne “was the number 4711, the perfume was named after this historic building.

Whenever a chime plays the French anthem. Inside the building you can see a shop and a small exhibition. Also a source where you can wet your hands with 'Eau de Cologne “.


strolling and shopping in Cologne

Square Altermarkt e n this square is the church's Great St. Martin, basilica it is begun in the twelfth century. It was rebuilt in the nineteenth century and after World War II. Its square tower, with small circular towers at its four corners, It gives the appearance of medieval castle.


Heumarkt plaza : One of the most important squares. Carnival is celebrated here every year. Its name comes from the Middle Ages, as a function of Mercado Central . In winter here Christmas market is held. The streets are full of small bars and restaurants.

Walk along the Rhine : To see the city skyline with nothing better than a stroll along the Rhine cathedral
will leave in the historic center and across the river .. You can return to the Deutzer bridge, It has great views of the city, especially at dusk.


Tours libre : Free Tours based on tips for Cologne, the duration is two hours, but keep in mind they are in English. Free walking tour and free Tours Network

Shopping : The street “ Schildergasse ” It is one of the most commercial of the city and Europe. It is a pedestrian street in the historic center, which dates back to the time of ancient Rome.

The bridges, parks and views of Cologne

Hohenzollern Bridge : In German: Hohenzollern Bridge, It is a bridge over the Rhine after its destruction 1945 It was rebuilt .. It has access to rail and pedestrian traffic. Curiously, It is the most used railway bridge in Germany. Another bridge is easier Deutz bridge Puente.


KoelnTriangle (up to the left): This skyscraper us one of the best views of the city shows. There is also a small exhibition. The height is about 100 meters. The view is 3 €. He opened in October 01 of April 30, Monday to Friday 12 a 20 hours (weekends 10 am)


Botanical Garden Flora data de 1800 and it is located on the Rhine river. The gardens are open from 8 until sunset every day. The greenhouses are open from October to March 10 a 16 hours, and from April to September 10 to the 18 hours. Another park is the Rheinpark It has good views of the city, especially if you get into the cable car it is in park.

Eating in Cologne

Some of the dishes can be enjoyed in the city are:

  • Oxtail soup. Oxtail broth.
  • Meat with vegetables
  • smoked meat.
  • pretzel
  • Pfefferpotthast, pieces of boiled meat.
  • corvejones chucrut, Pork Meat.
  • The currywrust
  • creams and soups made from chickpeas, asparagus and oatmeal.
  • Landlesberwurst (liver sausage) and garnished sauerkraut.
  • Big beans with mota

The city is also famous for its beer and having one of the larger Carnival European. To see all these places and placed on the map of Cologne you can download Android Application Guide low cost and if you need more information or free maps Cologne, visit your arrival tourist information office It is right in front of the same building of the Cathedral. Schedule: Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am a 8:00 pm Sundays and holidays: of 10:00 am a 5:00 pm Cardinal Hoffner Square 1

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