What to do to avoid looking like a tourist


More often than we imagine when traveling we become true "guiris "manual of those that stand up in the crowds without being aware of the risks. Perhaps because of the excitement of finally being in the desired location and not wanting to miss anything, we almost forget to enjoy and truly live the place where we are in this way we are exposed to dangerous or unpleasant theft scams. So take note of these tips to get the most out of your holiday.

What to do to avoid looking like a tourist

For starters I think the key when traveling is the information it would be advisable read the guide before you leave home not only because it is inconvenient to carry manual and map slopes but also because avoid appear disoriented and therefore we are immediately labeled as an outsider.


To avoid feeling uncomfortable during the trip by reading the guide or consult travel websites, How is it going, get the truth lifestyle, fashion, customs and language of the place that we visit and we will be much easier: 1 prepare suitcase, 2 camouflage with residents to feel more chords and 3 if we learn the basics of the language and customs not provoke unpleasant situations.

Turistas selfies

Another classic is the go loaded with the latest technology as the Tablet, the bigger the better, video camera, cane for selfies, huge backpacks and all well colgadito neck for everyone to see. When it is best not boast of what you have and go as light as possible and take the camera only when we should use.

Tourists pose

Beware also excessively draw attention singing in chorus shouting or making ridiculous photo shoots that although we all like to do a bit silly but for laughs can give much in the eye to the area mangantes.

tourist restaurant

When lunch time approaches flee from the Restaurant Tourists; them serve dishes designed especially for mass like menus, so to speak, international. These sites can be very cheap to eat but surely can not taste the local cuisine. So mix with the people and eat and buy where they do so you have a more authentic idea of ​​the city you visit.

I hope these tips will have served for your next trip and you may also want to consult

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