Prepare your hand luggage to avoid bill

Summer is coming and sure you're one of the lucky ones who are going to catch a flight to your holiday. If usually get cheap flights like me, to go on a low-cost and you have to go crazy to put all their luggage on a luggage … Therefore , I will share little tricks that I use in my travels.

How do I prepare my baggage?

The first thing to consider before you put everything in the bag are three important aspects: space , Liquid and and . So now I'm going to help you the way to go in relation to each.

  • Space . If you travel in summer it will be great because all the 'fat' clothes avoided, but also to put clothes must also include footwear, toiletries and towels in as little as hand luggage, How it's made? My trick is to place the laterally clothing up and down, rather than in two blocks as generally people usually do. The clothes are not wrinkled and there is more space to do it the conventional way.

  • Liquids . As you know, you can not spend too much fluid 100ml Control of the expedition; including bottled water. So all the little boats going to spend time going and maintenance. Roll-on deodorant creams in small format … It does not get hit by the number of ships that you use; that is to say, a bottle with liquid can not exceed 100 ml but brings 5 100ml and say nothing …

  • Electronics . Remember not to check any luggage, your luggage will be seen by the police control before boarding. Any electronic device will make you show open suitcase in the control center, so it is recommended that the tablets, laptops or games that are passed through the scanner on a tray and not inside the suitcase. If you return from your holiday with magnets as souvenirs, It will also appear as an object “suspect” control.

As seen, not bill suitcase save money if you take into account these aspects.

Visit our section low cost travel For more tips like this and enjoy a cheap holiday.

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