Aeroflot offers to Asia and Cuba

Ofertas de Aeroflot a Asia y Cuba


This time we propose a trick to get good price Aeroflot . As you know recently because oil prices, inter alia, the price of the Russian ruble has fallen 20% or more according to the latest news.

Because of this if they enter the website Aeroflot and shopping in rubles instead of euros, the ticket will be significantly cheaper Salda. Do this at your own risk, just look at the possibility of doing so. Aeroflot web, you see a dialog where you can change the currency of payment.

Pegas offering the deal:

The exchange rate of the ruble fluctuates greatly, I do not know whether to go up or down EDIT: to the 18 December ruble rises strongly after the new measures of the Bank of Russia

You have to know that change each bank is applied may be different

You have to see if the card has fee charges commercial estranjera currency


You can get tickets to Hong Kong from Barcelona or Madrid over 300 €. In my opinion an option that is worth contemplating are Flights to Cuba. son ​​de 42.062 rubles converter function are € 481.182

there is a certain price, but the advantage is that there are many dates from Barcelona or Madrid to Havana.

Seoul is 32338 RUB Barcelona € 369 EDIT outdated prices: to the 18 December ruble rises strongly after the new measures of the Bank of Russia

Bono Extra: if you search online you will see that the Russian agencies show cheaper prices on all flights. This trick is good for long and expensive as Barcelona-Sydney flights 59800 RUB are € 678

1 EUR now she changed 86 rubles


Please, if someone buys to comment on that agreement it has been reached with that card or bank and how much it cost. sample Madrid-Sydney flight


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