The 10 most haunted places in Spain

Los 10 lugares más encantados de España

Haunted Houses in movies but there are plenty, sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction and Spain is full of places that have appeared in the dreams of many. In Skyscanner We have selected the most chilling parts of our country to avoid you decide whether or discover. With so much ghost town, enchanted and mysterious sound building more than one would be the setting for this upcoming Halloween … Read and trembles with 10 most haunted places in Spain.

1. Belmez, Jaén, Andalusia

1971 They surfaced the kitchen floor of the house number 5 Real street a few spots shaped face. Since then, faces of people who no longer exist or “teleplastias” They left not come and go through the house and says that often it depended on the mood of its inhabitants. Chemical tests have shown that some of them were caused intentionally but many scientists and parapsychologists have not been able to respond to those that emerged naturally. True or false, apetecería sure you will not sleep in this house …

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Photo credits © Juan de la Cruz Moreno Balboa / Flickr (Creative Commons)

2. Fort San Cristobal, Navarre

Pamplona beside the mysterious Fort San Cristobal is located, a military fortress built on Mount Ezcaba during the reign of Alfonso XII for the defense of the city. But nevertheless, its main use was in military prison, in which the prisoners lived in a poor condition and held in one of the biggest leaks of the world 22 May 1938. Of the 795 prisoners who tried to escape, They died over 300 the fort and its surroundings and it is said that from that moment all kinds of paranormal phenomena occur. The premises are closed to the public but there are plenty of gaps through which not a few visitors have tried to live his own horror movie.

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Fort San Cristobal in Navarre

Photo credits © Miguel Fernandes / Flickr (Creative Commons)

3. law School, Cordova, Andalusia

The old building of the current Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Studies at the University of Cordoba XIII century. Before becoming a school began as a Carmelite convent and then used as a maternity hospital, madhouse, Hospice and even military hospital. Nowadays, the ghosts of labor who lost their babies, the teacher died of a sudden heart attack and a soldier calling “I am going to kill you” the rhythm that breaks crystals frighten students and workers.

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University of Cordoba

Photo credits © Heider Arroyo / Flickr (Creative Commons)

4. Plaza Mayor of Madrid, Madrid

The beautiful Plaza Mayor is an ideal place for a relaxing cup of café con leche but had a not so relaxing past and the place of performance was chosen by the Inquisition to in 1765. At that time it was said that around the houses against which the condemned were executed all kinds of screams from those allegedly accused of witchcraft infidel souls and not to profess the Christian faith be heard. The square was also the scene of bullfights and it is said that you can still hear the roar of a bull at the same time it was sacrificed. You will be able to hear some of the sounds Beyond while fuss?

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square in Madrid

5. Casa Lercaro, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Catalina de Lercaro, the daughter of a prominent family of Genoese merchants, she was forced to marry an elderly man, so he decided to jump into the pit of his home the day of their wedding. The girl had to be buried in the mansion, since the Church is opposed to rest in a cemetery to be suicide. The Lercaro fled soon after the house is now the Museum of History and Anthropology Tenerife, Would it have something to do with the tormented soul of Catalina spectrum as walk through its rooms?

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Casa Lercaro on Canary Island Tenerife

Photo credits © Secret Tenerife / Flickr (Creative Commons)

6. Ochate, Burgos, Castile and Leon

After the event faces Bélmez, everyone seems to know the mysteries of the deserted village of Ochate, of which much has been written and seen on TV. UFO sightings, mysterious disappearances, embodiments and witnesses of all kinds resulting from horrifying experiences in this place where little remains beyond the tower of the church of San Miguel. If you want to discover the sad story of Ochate just enter your website ( or venture a walk through the streets any given night …

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Ochate and the Milky Way

Photo credits © Alfredo / Flickr (Creative Commons)

7. Chest Hospital, Barcelona, Catalonia

This former hospital of Terrassa hosted a large number of patients of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases between 1952 and 1997 but what characterizes his black past is the brutal suicide rate that had. The general psychosis slow and painful death meant that many were launched from the ninth floor to the Jungle, as it was called the garden. There were few who visited the building when it was abandoned and 2003 a group of young yet found a human fetuses preserved in formalin; Nevertheless, it seems that nothing is left of it, and today has become the Audiovisual Park of Catalonia.

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chest hospital in barcelona

Photograph © Alex RVD Credits / Flickr (Creative Commons)

8. Belchite, Zaragoza, Aragon

Belchite died over 6.000 people because of the brutal battle that took place in this town during the Spanish Civil War. Belchite is no longer the beautiful place that his name evokes, It is now a ghost town full of buildings to which they massacred many scholars attended the paranormal because something happens in the streets … Echoes of war, whistles aircraft, shots, laments, among other sounds, They have been the soundtrack of the visits of the brave who wanted to visit its abandoned streets. Actually, You can visit this ghostly city through guided tours service of the Tourist Office of Belchite. You dare to do it at night?

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belchite ruined village of Aragon

9. The House of Seven Chimneys, Madrid

At Madrid puts them goosebumps to go through the current headquarters of the Ministry of Culture, the mysterious home of Seven Chimneys. It is said that the spirit of a beautiful lady dressed in white and accompanied by a strike torch between the chimneys of the building every night … Apparently, Dona Elena, which she was mistress of King Felipe II, he died in mysterious circumstances and his body was never found. But nevertheless, is not the only walking on the other side and another young woman who committed suicide on the wedding night of their marriage of convenience with an elderly wealthy and now travels the corners of this haunted house clinking coins that King, who was also a lover, He had given her.

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House of the seven fireplaces in madrid

Photography © Manuel Caballero Credits / Flickr (Creative Commons)

10. Preventorium waters of Busot, Alicante, Valencian Community

It is said that the Marquis de Borch lost the great complex of Hotel Miramar, name that was devised, in a poker game. That's how this resort became a sanatorium for tuberculosis during the Civil War to the end of the disease, when the building was completely abandoned. The place has become a temple Darkness , in his church were held seances, ouija and black masses and many have been able to feel mysterious forces that run underground rooms and tunnels that were used during the war. We are looking forward to that will put the willies?

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preventorio of water Bussot

Photo credits © Copernicogarcia / Instagram

You know of any place that very scary? Tell us your favorite heading into this Halloween!

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