With local fado in Lisbon

Locales con fado en Lisboa

The Fado en Lisbon expression Lisbon soul . The meaning of the word comes from the Latin fado “ fate” meaning “ objective “.

is a melancholic and nostalgic music He born in the poor neighborhood and city harbor. The Tabernarios environments were the breeding ground for the spread of this music style. He born in the first half of the eighteenth century, and it has similarities with the birth of tango.

Fado singing sadly and “ missing ” what was lost, the ill-fated empire, the man who lost his glory, the country in decline …

Singer Amalia Rodrigues (1920-1999) It is considered the best performer that Portugal has given to the point that is buried in the same National Pantheon . If you visit you will see his grave and hear her sing, as they have their music playing in.

The Lisbon neighborhoods where there are local to hear fado La Alfama Mouraria y Bairro Alto. En general, the price of a dinner with fado is expensive, partly because it has become too touristy. Here are some of the few places where you can hear fado without being too expensive presents:

Watering hole of F : Located in Alfama, with live fado but it depends on programming. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 20h to 2h. . Arrive when they open at 20pm for a table
Address: Vicar Street 70, Lisbon



A Tasca do Jaime Tavern on the fado para escuchar. No book is required or pay an entry.


A Tasca do Chico: Open from 1993 it has become an essential place to hear fado. Admission is free although the place is small and will probably have to bear.
Rua Diario de Noticias, 39. On the same street there are several restaurants offering fado what can only look around to compare.


As cheat you can run, before traveling out Groupon Portugal normally they have coupons for dinner + doom Lisbon € 19.90 By person, but depends restaurant. Please note before you book call the local to see if there is room in time to go traveling. They are small restaurants and usually require reservations.

Another place to hear fado can be:

  • Adega Machado (00 35121 322 46 40). North Street, 91
  • Mesa de Frades Rua dos Remedios 139 A
  • Adega Mesquita (00 35121 321 92 80). Rua do Diario de Noticias, 107.
  • Clube de Fado (00 35121 885 27 04). Square O street. John, 94. http://www.clube-de-fado.com
  • The Mister. Wine (00 35121 397 26 81). Half of un Lapa street, 18.
  • Luso (00 35121 342 22 81). Travessa da Queimada, 10 / 6.
  • Taverna do Embuçado (00 35121 886 50 88). Alley of the Tanneries, 10.
  • A Severa (00 35121 342 83 14). Rua das Gaveas, 51.
  • Un Parreirinha of Alfama (00 35121 886 82 09). Beco do Espirito Santo, 1.
  • Casa do Fado and Portuguese Guitar (00 35121 882 34 70). Largo do Chafariz de Dentro.

If you are lucky, Sunday a visit to the cloister of Jerónimos Monastery you can find a group of musicians with a good repertoire as happened to me:


Of course, You can always go to Fado Museum if you want to delve into the history of this musical style and its relation to the Lisbon, is located at Largo do Chafariz de Dentro 1 1100-139 Lisbon.

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