Best flight companies to travel with your pet

Las mejores compañías de vuelo para viajar con tu mascota


There are many obstacles that can be found when traveling with a pet, but if you are a dog owner, cat or bird, do not worry, because in this entry of El Viajero Feliz you commented the essentials, in this aspect, so you have in mind when traveling with pets. Do not miss it!

Best flight companies to travel with your pet

There are many companies that allow you to take flight your pet, either in the hold or in the cabin. It does not matter if your pet is a cat, a dog or a hedgehog, as each airline has its own rules with regard to prices, size and weight of trasportín.

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Vuelingdog-715545_1920This low cost flight company allows you to go accompanied by birds, dogs, gatos, fish or turtles on its planes, are provided in the cab, since in the cellar is not allowed. The trasportín in this case must be rigid. The measures must not exceed 50x40x23 cm or exceed 8 kg if the animal goes inside.

Regarding prices, Vueling adds 25 euros for a domestic flight and 40, if the flight is international or Canary.


loading-652314_1280The Spanish company flights can travel with birds, dogs, cats and turtles, provided they are in the cabin. The maximum weight allowed with trasportín must not exceed 8 kilos. Also, you must confirm that the measures in the package do not exceed 45x35x25 cm and that air can enter. In case you want to transport a bird, the cage must be covered. With regard to fees for travel with an animal, on domestic flights fee applies 25 euros and 50 in case it Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Air Europa

loading-652308_1280It is one of the airlines in which it is easier to fly with pets. Air Europa you can travel with fish, rodents, birds, turtles, cats and dog, provided that the safety measures and transport are met. Regarding the trasportín, this must not exceed the measures of 55x35x25 and weight of the animal should not exceed 8 kilos. Prices, in this case, They are the same as those applied Iberia.

And you? Have you ever traveled on a plane with pets? Tell us about it! If you liked, You can also read "4 tips to help you on your next trip".

Image: Unsplash, Wow_Pho, Skeeze


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