Housesitting: the new way to travel

Housesitting: la nueva forma de viajar


Do you know ways to travel alternatives to traditional? You want to know your destination as if you were a native of the place? You love animals? If so, you will like the new way of traveling that we present in the traveler happy. Do not miss it!

Travel differently

It is called Housesitting and it translates as household caregivers and is that what, specifically, It proposed in this new way to travel. Owners of homes require people who can take care of their homes, their dogs, gatos, other animals and plants on days when they will not be able to do. In this way, you can settle in your home, In the place where you are, and look after the house in exchange for room.


Although initially, It may seem a little strange that a person leave us your home and your pets in our care barely know, is a usual way to travel is fashionable in countries Europe and Oceania.

It must be noted that the owners, sometimes, They hire people to perform these tasks, but this method can save a lot of money. Now, not anyone can access the Housesitting: travelers who wants it must pass a small "test", for the ones owners choose the best candidate, with previous talks before signing the contract.

It is housesitting for you?

People who carry out the Housesitting should be officials and commit seriously to take care of the pet, plants or homemakers daily housekeeping and maintenance needed (e.g.; take care of a house with pool it requires constant maintenance of water).


There are several websites that help you find the best place to do Housesitting, between them, stand: the To enter these websites, You will have to become a member for a few 50 annual euros. That money will give you access to accommodations that are published and owners, to talk to them and start selection process. The price is clearly profitable, when compared with all you can enjoy after the trip. Yes: Only if you are responsible!

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