Hand luggage: 12 tricks to fit it all

Equipaje de mano: 12 trucos para que quepa todo

What I can do to make between all hand luggage suitcase?


I'm flying with Ryanair and as I have not paid billing suitcase, I can not carry more than one piece of hand luggage cabin, measuring 55x40x20 must be maximum. I started to pack today, but it can not be all that I want. I need some trick for hand luggage and maximize space so it all fits together smoothly me.


When we go on vacation we often forget how important it is to travel light. Go on holiday with a single package has two main advantages: the desirability of being able to move with little volume and weight, and travel for treatment with the cheaper price as lowcost airlines Ryanair, Vueling and Easyjet no bill suitcase and travel only with hand luggage.

This is something to which we attach importance only when we bought the flight and see the difference in price without checked baggage; That's when most confident ourselves cabin suitcase know discern what is essential and how to put it to occupy as little as possible, but when we forget the truth that “only essentials” and only when he realizes that we can not see everything in hand luggage. To avoid frustration and loss of time involved, we offer several tricks for better use in making luggage between everything necessary :

Travel in summer.

If you want to build a business travel, when you go to choose your holiday plan in a place and time of year when the destination is in the summer and good weather; so it will be much easier to travel with a light hand luggage, they do not have to take many or bulky outerwear shoes.

Do not take a movement and a shirt for each day, but they do laundry while you're traveling.

If you travel in summer (Local summer, the place where you go on holiday), washing can deliver silent, socks and shirts, or washing clothes in a coin- and they have dry clothes in just hours (even minutes if it is underwear). If you have an apartment or room, you can hang clothes to dry while on tour; and if you go with a tour car rental, It dries you are putting it in the back. Of course, Keep in mind that while you are preparing your luggage if an item takes too long to dry iron or mandatory, leave in the closet . To maximize space in the luggage need practical items that we can use more than once during the trip.


Choose the versatile and combinable clothing.

By choosing the clothes you are going to use, choose pieces that can be used both day and night and can easily combined together. This way you can use several different looks, combining wearing little clothing. E.g.: plain backgrounds and plain and printed tops, and only 2 the 3 colors that can combine well


take what's wear, not what you like to use more often.

If you have a dress she wears in the closet since last summer, and since you have once, because you do not feel comfortable with it, or you can not find the perfect occasion to use it; leave in the closet. I think not take vacations because I do not know you, I got shamelessly. Go to fixed shot and put in the hand luggage only the clothes you normally use, one that combines with almost everything and with whom you feel comfortable.


Storing clothes in a vacuum bag. (Providing Adriana)

Clothing and take up less volume and wrinkle are corrected (if you pressed before starting the march) grab a bag to store blankets and comforters empty. These polybags have a device for removing indoor air, so that the volume of the package is considerably reduced, leaving more space in your luggage.

If you want to buy a vacuum bag, You can be found for example, Ikea, 2 packaging costs 8 € (7,99 € in psychological price).

Stretch clothes.

If you do not have a vacuum bag and do not want to buy one (for bargain trips I have hurry resources!): Instead of folding laundry, roll. You will find that just wrinkles It takes up less space in your suitcase . Apply this trick, for both the outward and for the return. Avoid having to ask, to pack again: “But how can it be that things do not is if I wear”

make every corner of the case.

Surely they take as hand luggage suitcase wheels. Then, it is important to use the space between the handle bars. In these holes such that it can fit, towels, thongs, pajamas and snorkel. Underwear, socks and other small items (cables and chargers) They use them to fill all the holes in the corners of the case do not fit other things.

In this video you can see another system for folding and storing clothes to take up less space in the luggage that will go in the cockpit.


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