Things you should know to save on hotels


before our next trip to Madrid to attend the fair OMExpo (the leader in digital marketing conference in Spain) and leverage for the meetings we had outstanding live in the capital, these days I've been compare prices so we can leave our stay as tight as possible.

We will travel by train to be exploited Rates Promo Renfe put a short notice. Your discount can reach 70%. We should be continually looking until you find it and not pensártelo much as you see. Need book now!

And see that to attend the conference there was a discount 30% in train fares (that is to say, almost all the congresses so if you are traveling to a city you've Congress, but will not attend, see if you can get the code for use, this is a trick ;-)) but leaves Promo cheaper because they are not cumulative: – (


once and you got tickets for the flight: Valencia AVE train to Madrid and the height of the back to accommodate Alvia, touched find hotels


We wanted something centrally located and most of them have rooms in the center and on those occasions worth considering how much to spend on travel so maybe you can find cheaper hotels, but as you spend on transportation and time to stop tap.

The last two times we were in hotel de Madrid He has been in the chain High Tech, which is now called Petit Palace . First, in Petit Palace Londres and the second in the Petit Palace Puerta del Sol . Both, definitely, downtown.

This time I've been seeing other hotels BarceloViajes (by the way, That's where I've seen better prices, better than Reservation , like it happened to me by my Estival Park holidays ), but nevertheless I still, always They had an opinion that threw me a little back (you have to see the influence of views!). As you saw something wrong, and the other closed. Things like old furniture, Lack of cleanliness, the noise from the street to stay rest …


Finally we decided to play it safe and have booked again in Petit Palace . No two years ago, Puerta del Sol, if not the other, which were about seven years. It is in the heart of Madrid and I remember we were fine. The below are the pictures on their website, I think if I did then, update the post.

Super comfortable, well located, the room was very spacious, a gym and everything and spectacular bathroom. Ah, and three balconies. That's what we had, this time I'm going to say.

Good, a summary of hotel search, let you know that

  • If you're like me you're going to get crazy and comparing … haha. I have understood that you are because you are here, -.)
  • The price comparators They are useful to know where to go and which hotel prices are cheaper than others, but, but, peeeeroooo … (read below why they have not booked through them )


  • then come to visit the website of the hotel itself . In theory, van a dar guaranteed minimum price and always something extra that by booking the comparator would have, e.g., Sunrise and best rooms. This last aspect I have read many comments saying that if you book directly with the hotel in question assigned better rooms if you come from a hotel search (important data!). Ah, that comes to us a completely free and comprehensive tour of Madrid. I do not know is whether we will have time for everything.


  • You can cancel until the last day at no extra charge, en general.
  • Follow on social networks leg on direct booking deals.
  • You can make use of BENDITOOOOS Discount Codes (in general comparators, We do not give you this option). In my case, booked directly on the website PetitPalace I added the code and has given me the 10% the amount of the reserve -D.


If you want to use is PETITPRICES and expires 10/10/2015. We will apply this off any chain hotel Petit Palace . They have a lot of destinations. Madrid alone there 33. You can see them here .

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