How cheap skiing in summer


Like ski ? I had always thought it was a very expensive sport until one year I went with some friends to practice here in the mountains of Madrid and although I fell a few times, I loved it.

The truth is that they are very fond of and I can assure you are not millionaires, just go to search offers and promotions and always find how to save. Examples: equipment rental, sharing the cost or book well in advance. And that's where my problem arises.

Although, as I said, I enjoyed the experience, He could not repeat, being that, in winter, It is very difficult to plan vacations and getaways in advance. So I asked is it possible skiing during the summer ? That way you can plan my vacation and do something above.

Good, many stations open during the summer months in European countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, but, course, my fate must comply with the requirement that It is economical. Diving Internet I found a solution that fits very well to which I also love to ski and I have found many interesting offers skiing in the French Alps thanks to the web Esquiades .

The Offers I found this web skiing left me surprised! E.g., 7 nights + 6 Fortfait días en el Résidence Le Hameau du Borsat in Tignes for just € 179. Come on, well worth it, as I said before, They want to do something different in the summer.

Of course, if you like skiing and you have not done because it seems an elite sport, I advise you to enter the website Esquiades and throw an eye on the prices they. You'll see how to change your mind: -)


And you, Have you skied in summer? Are you ready for this?



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