Choosing a holiday destination


How I long 'til holidays ! I do not know if it happens to you, but it makes me nervous when I choose a holiday destination , although three days because there is more time, so I've been looking for some tips for choosing destination properly for holidays. I hope you also help serve ?

Choosing a destination for your holiday

1- The first is to decide what you do these days : relax, adventure, playa, golf, city … and from there the possibilities are delimited


2- Says days you can enjoy the holidays, It is not the same as having one months 15 days, three days a week or. This will limit the destination. If you have a week is not worth going somewhere far away, because you will spend more time enjoying the plane.

3- If you are traveling with another person do not forget negotiate up to an intermediate point. We will have to adapt themselves to find a place to convince everyone.

4- season , it also has a great influence on the parties. Depends on your choice may be appropriate for travel to one party or another.

5- Budget it is the essence of our trip. You must be realistic when a budget is marked because I always spend enough money at the final destination … that if a memory for a friend, Refrigerator, a romantic dinner … the fact is that you should take with you more for this type of contingency.

sure once you've followed these parameters we have come full circle more. Good, It is time to find the perfect trip and cheaper. For that, I encourage you to search through the Internet search engines, here:


And do not miss the article he wrote about Laura how to travel without paying . Have you heard of the couchsurfing ? By the way, I propose a game: You know what locations are in the photos public? Two of them are in Spain and one is a European island



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