5 Free plans in Rome


If I had to choose a European capital as my favorite, certainly choose Rome. Not only as a great outdoor museum, but because it has a variety of attractions at no cost (and I love that!). Here I leave 5 free to make plans a breakdown Rome .

  • Mouth of Truth . On the banks of the Tiber and near the Roman Coliseum is the statue of the Mouth of Truth. It is at the gates of Church of Santa Maria de Cosmedin and became famous after the movie 'Roman Holiday'. You can get a fun photo by putting your hand in the mouth as there is a person in charge of shooting the tourists so completely free . Access to the interior of the temple is also free.

  • Peephole Aventino . And after the Mouth of Truth I recommend that you approach walk to the neighborhood Aventino . In addition to that, as it has some stunning views in the Italian capital (especially if you go at sunset), You can take a look through the peephole of a door from which one sees only the dome of St. Peter.

  • Cañón Janiculum . Rome is surrounded by hills, a de Gianicolo, where you shoot every day 12:00 noon canyon . You can see this curious and free display any day of the year, as it is the date that is, and although the weather was not her, always he is shooting under the watchful eye of hundreds of tourists.

  • Monument to Victor Emmanuel II . One of the monuments that surprised me by its grandeur was the Altar of the Fatherland. Inside you can visit for free Museo del Risorgimento , They have a nice vista city ​​and very important for all tourists: restroom and wifi [free 1999007]. If you want to visit the observation deck at the top of the building, you will pay between 3 and 7 euros.

  • Villa Borghese . AND, last, a perfect place to do in Rome and is 100% tour gratis plan de Villa Borghese. This is one of the loveliest parks and largest in Europe where you can visit the Borghese Gallery, wander through its picturesque lake, walk with the children to their long groves … Precisely if traveling with family here you can visit Zoo de Roma , although its entrance has a cost of 15 euros.

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Further, our wonderful community has wanted to contribute their bit to release the following proposals:

MCarmen says : The Appian Way, the Pantheon, the Basilica of San Pedro, as well as most of the other churches and basilicas, there no end … the Baths of Caracalla have a free week day visit and not miss them! Rome itself, Walking along its streets is a free museum!

Lydia tells us that Walking the streets is free and very charming



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